Chinese news outlet What’s On Ningbo reported on Tuesday that a heroic pet dog, Roman, helped prevent his depressed thirteen-year-old guardian from committing suicide in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

The girl, who had been struggling to cope following her father’s arrest for stealing, was spotted last Saturday morning on the roof of her family’s three-story apartment building.

Roman began pulling on her clothes to try to bring her back to safety. When firefighters arrived at the scene, they found him wagging his tail and pacing around behind the girl as she stood at the edge of the roof. On seeing the firemen, she descended and hung from the roof’s edge, her toes barely touching a fence below. The firefighters and the girls’ mother immediately ran to the edge of the roof to pull her back up, while Roman caught hold of her shirt.

Authorities say that the dog’s efforts ultimately helped to ensure her safety.

The family’s landlord, Mr. Tang, says that Roman was adopted by the girl “about six months ago.” He adds that the dog “rarely barks and is friendly to strangers” – and now, he can add being a hero to that list!