When was the last time you walked past a billboard and it inspired you to take action? Well an action that didn’t include running out to go shopping…I’m talking about an ad that inspired you to change the way you think about an issue or reconsider the way your daily actions impact other living things. My guess is it has probably been a while. A good ad is hard to find, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

By creating an image referent that draws audiences straight to the heart of an issue, advertisements can be incredibly powerful–just read about the ad that inspired this OGP blogger to embark on a life of activism. Important issues like animal abuse, the use of animals for cosmetic testing, extinction, and the rise in poaching get some attention, but chances are the average person who knows nothing about these issues isn’t going to stop in the middle of their day and read a lengthy article on the subject…but they certainly will stop and think if they see a massive billboard SHOWING them why they should care.


Let’s take a look at some of these eye catching and inspirational ads. Spread them around to share their message–after all a picture is worth a thousand words…



To learn more about the devastating effects of wildlife poaching, click here. For 10 Simple Ways YOU Can Stop Poaching, click here.

Cosmetic Testing


To learn more about why using animals for cosmetic testing is unnecessary, click here. Check out this article for companies that have joined the fight against animal testing for cosmetics.

Animal Abuse

Check out this article to learn how to detect animal abuse and what to do if you suspect it is happening to animal you know.

Wild Animal Circuses

Click here to read why a circus is NO fun for an elephant and consult this article to find out how you can help put an end to wild animal circuses.


Animals Killed for Fashion

Choose life, not things! Ditch the leather and fur and check out these 7 cruelty-free fashion brands you should support. Trust me, these animals look much better in their skin than you will.

Endangered Animals


These animals are all endangered as the result of humans action, whether they’ve lost their homes due to deforestation, climate change or are being wiped out by poachers these animals need our help.  Take action by supporting the work of organizations that are fighting to protect endangered species and learn how changing your consumption habits can help protect them as well.

Lead image source: WWF