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While there are many companies (and parent companies) that currently utilize animal testing in the creation of their consumer products, it’s clear that – in light of the existence of cruelty-free cosmetics and other products – it doesn’t have to be this way. Knowing what animals go through during testing, and how such testing may actually be counter-intuitive to human health and safety, one would hope that not only individual consumers, but whole companies are getting the message: animal testing has to go.

Luckily, though we’re not drowning in cruelty-free cosmetics just yet, some companies are stepping forward to pave the way to a brighter, more compassionate future in cosmetics. Check out these four companies who know what they’re doing when it comes to refusing animal testing:

Dr. Bronner’s

Not only does Dr. Bronner’s have a great line of cruelty-free and vegan body care and cleaning products, but they know how to go the extra mile when it comes to fighting animal cruelty in all its forms. Company president David Bronner uses his resources to promote the well-being of animals both inside body/beauty care and out by donating $100,000 to Animal rights advocacy projects and organizations. By supporting certified vegan products and organizations in every way that they can, Dr. Bronner’s has easily become a leading figurehead in the fight against animal testing for average consumer products.


When faced with an expanding market for cosmetic consumerism in China, some companies with previously cruelty-free policies changed for the worse to sell in the country that, by law, must have all cosmetics products tested on animals. Not KissMyFace:  the company website specifically states that “We do not export Kiss My Face lotions, sun care, deodorants or soaps to China. Currently, exporting basic personal care products to China requires the payment of a fee which is partially used to fund animal testing of products imported to China. We are sold around the world and pay plenty of fees — but we can’t pay that one.”

In addition to staying true to their initial cruelty-free claims, “We try and tell the story of Kiss My Face being Cruelty Free, in the hopes that more companies become Cruelty Free. And more customers shop for Cruelty Free products.” Advocacy and awareness are pivotal to this great company – one that you may be needing more of as the summer months continue on, since KissMyFace is the number one ethical source of sun and body care!


Lush, a U.K.-based company with a penchant for fresh handmade bath and body goodies that look like they’ve popped straight out of Alice in Wonderland, has taken charge of the battle against animal testing in new and daring ways. Their company website notes that they’ve been fighting against animal testing for over 30 years, and they aren’t about to stop: “We operate our own unique Supplier Specific Boycott, which states we will not buy any ingredient from any manufacturer or supplier that tests anything they produce on any animals for any reason…We Support the development and validation of non-animal tests, and campaign against legislation that requires animals to be experimented on. Not only is LUSH passionate about the animal testing policy, our passion also extends to the commitment we have to sourcing ingredients from suppliers that are congruent with our ethics and standards.”

The cherry on top of this already magnificent cruelty-free cupcake of information is that Lush offers an annually awarded prize to the public for those who are truly dedicated in the fight against animal testing.

Paul Mitchell

Cosmetics don’t start and stop at the face – when you’re looking for the whole package on self-care and beauty, you’ve got to tend to head and hair, no matter how tangled, unruly, curly, or greasy a job it may be. Luxury hair care brand Paul Mitchell made this job a little easier for conscious consumers out there by pairing up with Cruelty Free International in a campaign to end animal testing. Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Paul Mitchell John Paul DeJoria agrees with CFI that it’s never right to condone animal testing or any form of animal cruelty for the sake of beauty by donating a percent of their proceeds to the organization in hopes that advocacy for cruelty-free alternatives can continue.

Image source: The Nail That Sticks Up