A Lexington woman was arrested on felony animal cruelty charges after an injured dog was found in her home locked into a crawl space.

The poor injured dog had sustained a broken back and was shoved into the crawl space with no way to get out. There was also no food or water in sight.

The woman’s dog had been hit by a vehicle, and animal control told her to take it to the vet. It was a week later and she had still not done so, leaving the dog to suffer in severe pain.

Local officials found the dog after having a warrant to search her house. Felony animal cruelty charges are to be set against her, and she was released with a $1,000 secure bond.

This horrible story highlights one of the worst forms of cruelty towards pets. As this dog likely loved and trusted its owner, but she couldn’t even bother to take care of it.

There is never an excuse for leaving an animal to suffer. There is just no excuse for this level of cruelty.

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