The Merced police department recently arrested a 25-year-old on animal cruelty charges in Merced California.

The case started when a Merced police officer was investigating a burglary in a local residential area. The woman whose house had been burglarized had also found her pet rabbit killed. A veterinarian concluded that the rabbit had been killed from a violent neck injury.

Because of the violent nature of this break-in, the woman suspected that it was her ex-boyfriend who had done it. This led the police officers to look into Terrel Walker, a 25-year-old Merced resident.

Terrel was later arrested under charges of burglary, animal cruelty, and vandalism. No charges have been brought against him yet but there are currently no other viable suspects.  

This is yet another sad story in relation to recent animal cruelty. Police are cracking down on animal cruelty charges harder than ever, giving animal lovers hope that these people will be brought to justice the same way they would if they had injured a human.

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