April 10 is National Farm Animal Day, and it’s the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate the lives of these amazing animals, honor their beauty, raise awareness about the exploitation they are forced to endure, and fundraise on behalf of charities working to end their suffering. National awareness days such as this allow us to come together to highlight an important cause and by doing so simultaneously around the country, we help to raise the overall consciousness of society.

Your school, college, or workplace might not be a place that you ordinarily campaign for animals, but on April 10, you can join in with others doing just this, all over the country. There are tons of fantastic awareness and fundraising ideas which can be used, and the more inventive you can be the better. Whether you’re going it solo, or organizing a community event to mark the day, here are seven ideas to get you thinking.

1. Pledge to go veg for the day

The exploitation of farm animals is an issue which needs more widespread attention, and one way that you can support these beautiful creatures and honor National Farm Animal Day is to refrain from eating all animal products (unless you’re already vegan of course). Why not arrange a group pledge in your family, office, or school?

2. Visit a farm sanctuary

If you’re lucky enough to live near a farm animal sanctuary, what better way to celebrate National Farm Animal Day than booking a visit so that you can meet the animals in person and connect with them and hear their heartwarming stories. Sanctuaries offer a unique opportunity for people to see these animals in a peaceful and loving environment, where they are free to enjoy life without fear and pain.

3. Organize a vegan cake bake and donate profits to your favorite farm sanctuary

Put your baking skills to good use and make a selection of yummy vegan cupcakes to sell at work or school. Accompany the tasty treats with a small display about your favorite farm sanctuary (where the money will be donated) and people will not be able to resist. Of course it doesn’t have to be cakes, if you have another specialty vegan snack, make them instead. Check out some epic vegan dessert recipes right here on OGP. In addition to raising money for a great cause, you’ll be showing people that they can eat delicious treats without using animal products.

4. Sponsor a farm animal

National Farm Animal Day is a great time to take direct action to help the victims of the farm industry. There are thousands of animals across the world who have suffered terribly at the hands of the industry and are now living free and happy in farm sanctuaries. Rehabilitation can be extremely costly, as many of the animals require special medical care. You can contribute to their care by sponsoring an animal.

5. Go leafleting

Leafleting is proven to be one of the most effective ways of getting a message out to the masses. National Farm Animal Day is a great time to get off your chair and start advocating on behalf of the animals. In your local town center, outside the shopping mall, at your college or university, or even at a sports event, wherever there is a large footfall of people, there is an opportunity to talk about animal issues.

6. Sport your animal rights and/or vegan apparel proudly

If you’ve got t-shirt, sweatshirt or bag which sports a message about compassion toward animals, then this is the day to wear it! You can help raise awareness about the plight of animals, and the more times people who encounter animal rights related info on this day, the more likely they may be to take an interest.

7. Sign a petition

You’ve probably see lots of important online petitions to put an end to all kinds of cruelty to farm animals, but you may not have actually taken the time to add your signature. Make National Farm Animal Day a time for action. Heck, why not spend an hour backing a number of important petitions on sites like Care2 and Change.org which can help make the world a better place for farm animals.

What are you doing to celebrate National Farm Animals Day? Leave a comment below to share your plans with us and other Green Monsters!

Image source: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals