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Your cat is one of your best friends. They’re always hanging out in their kitty tree, lounging across your stomach during movie night, wandering around the house in the middle of the night, purring really loud next to you and kneading your leg while you pet them. Yes, it’s true that this little cuddly friend may not always show their affection in the overt manner that a dog might, but isn’t that what makes it so much better? Cats are picky, discerning, even. The fact that they show you any love at all is a true testament to how much they care.

So without further ado, here is a list of 15 signs you’re obsessed with your cat to help us celebrate the love that comes from living with a cuddly feline and sharing our lives, and our homes with them. Grab your kitty (if you’re on a laptop, chances are they’re already sitting on the keyboard) and give this a read. Leave us some comments in the section below to share your telltale signs that you’re obsessed with your cat.

1. They Are the Perfect Alarm Clock

After a restful eight hours, or more likely six, your morning starts with a boop on the nose from your favorite little guy. It may be earlier than you were hoping for, but hey, there’s a happy face waiting to wake you up and play! A little sleep sacrifice is so worth it.

15 Signs You're Obsessed with Your Cat

2. Hairballs Don’t Freak You Out Anymore

The first time my cat had a hairball, I was convinced he was dying with no idea what to do. Thank god for Google. Now, they’re a normal part of the routine, and you’ve got the reassuring and calming speech down pat to tell your friends when they look at your buddy with absolute horror in their eyes.  “Relax, it’s completely normal. No we do not need to make an emergency trip to the vet.”

15 Signs You're Obsessed with Your Cat

3. Scratches Are Part of Your Daily Look

There are a few accessories you don every day like a watch, a ring, and if you’ve spent any time with your cat, a few scratches. Not all scratches are angry ones. They just may not have wanted you to stop petting them and showering them with love. They’re more like please don’t stop scratches.

15 Signs You're Obsessed with Your Cat

4. Your TV Has a Permanent Blind Spot

And you’re totally okay with it. Your cat loves watching TV as much as you do. Heck, the two of you know the schedule for Friends reruns and have an unspoken agreement to meet on the couch at 7:00. However, the cat probably sits right in front of the TV blocking your line of sight. What was in the way when Ross was yelling “PIVOT?!” Who knows? The cat, that’s who.

15 Signs You're Obsessed with Your Cat

5. They Have Everything They Could Possibly Want

Your cat looks at you with those wide, hopeful eyes, and you know what he’s thinking. He wants more toys, more scratch posts, and more cat jungle gyms than he could possibly want. Plus, the pet store is having a sale on them and you know he would just go bananas for another one. Eh, why not? Let’s buy another one. It doesn’t matter that your house has more cat accessories than the actual pet store, your cat is happy!

15 Signs You're Obsessed with Your Cat

6. Did I Order Pie à la Fur?

Sharing is caring, and your cat often swipes a bit of your food if you’re not paying careful attention. It doesn’t matter that they just ate. It doesn’t matter that they didn’t like it the last time they stole a bit. They’re curious, and that’s fine. It’s just a part of life that when they take a swipe, they leave behind a gift of some hair. It’s become so routine, you don’t even freak out anymore when you notice a few strands sitting atop your homemade vegan cheesecake. Yum.

15 Signs You're Obsessed with Your Cat

7. You Take Them With You On Vacation

Pet hotels, neighbors, friends, and the other cat lady down the street are all viable options for leaving the cat at home during a weekend away. However, sometimes, it’s hard to bare the thought of leaving them all weekend. Instead, take them with you! If you travel safely with pets, there’s no reason for your cat to skip out on adventures. Just make sure the hotel has a pet friendly policy.

15 Signs You're Obsessed with Your Cat

8. One-sided Conversations Are a Daily Occurrence

After your boop on the nose in the morning, you may talk out your whole day to your cat. What you have to do for work, goals for the day, who you have to call, what friends you’re meeting up with later. You may even ask for suggestions on what to wear, holding up each outfit and looking for either approval or dismissal from your purry friend. Personally, I wait for a head tilt. You get to talk out your day and get yourself organized while your cat gets to lovingly look at you and think you’re a bit kooky.

15 Signs You're Obsessed with Your Cat

9. They Have a Seriously Complicated Name

How do you name your cat? You could go for something classic like Snowball or Mittens. I had a cat whose name started out as Shaka. It eventually evolved into Shaka-Khan-Mooch-Smith. Cats names seem to evolve over time and they get some nicknames from friends, and some character-based names; hence, Mooch… That cat liked to steal food from everyone. As the names add on, you’ve rolled with it and smiled while knowing your cat is maturing, just like us.

15 Signs You're Obsessed with Your Cat

10. You Get a Workout While Typing

Cats love laptops. It’s just ridiculous how much. Any time they see you working at it, they feel the need to come sit by the glowing light, which means on the keyboard. If you’re working, it also means on your hands. Getting them to move has proved to be an impossible task, so you do the only thing you can do. Continue typing with your cat perched atop your hands. And only sometimes, does the whole thing come out like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasdfffffffffffffffffffff.

15 Signs You're Obsessed with Your Cat

11. You Know They’re Just Going to Play With the Box Anyway

Buying your cat presents can be a challenge. They’re like toddlers in the way that no matter what you get them, no matter how much thought, energy and money you put into buying them the perfect new toy or gift for their birthday, they’re only interested in the box. Getting into them, sleeping in them, finding out what’s under them, popping out of them. There is no end to the entertainment that comes from a box for your cuddly friend. Next time, you know to skip the gift and just give them a box.

15 Signs You're Obsessed with Your Cat

12. You Don’t Mind When They Sleep On Your Head

Cats find the weirdest places to take naps. Sometimes it’s in the fancy bed you bought for them, and other times it’s directly on your face, blocking all air passages. But their rhythmic purring is oddly comforting and it makes you happy that they’re happy. So sleep away, kitty. Sleep and be happy…just make sure they’re still a way for me to breathe.

15 Signs You're Obsessed with Your Cat

13. Your Cat Is Fancy, Yo

My cat was going to be named Jinx, after the movie, Meet the Fockers, but when I saw this little guy, it was clear that he would need a fancier name. Something so fancy it would make the English royalty stop and go, woah. My cat’s name is Mr. Scruffles Worthington Billingsby. He turns up his nose at other cats, he is irrationally afraid of the most ridiculous things (turning a page in a book), he is snobby to my friends, and worst of all, he knocks things over and then looks at me like he is expecting me to pick it up. Yes, he may act like an entitled little cat, but he is still totally loving to me and it makes his weird habits acceptable.

15 Signs You're Obsessed with Your Cat

14. Cat People vs. Dog People

The age old question about whether you’re a dog or cat person has been put to rest ages ago. You’ve got a kitty phone case, a kitty T-shirt, one of those awesome cat clocks on the wall, your Facebook profile picture is of you and your cat, and your cat probably has their own profile page. Yes, while the masses may flip flop back and forth more than a Republican presidential candidate, you know on which side you come down.

15 Signs You're Obsessed with Your Cat

15. The Story of How You Got Them is Pure Magic

Whether your cat is a rescue from a shelter, a family pet you’ve had since you were a little tyke, or one that your mom gave you because her allergies were too strong, your magic story began somewhere special and you love remembering those early days when you were getting to know them and learning all of their fun little quirks. Your cat has become part of your family and you’re so happy to relive those first few moments of pure bliss.

15 Signs You're Obsessed with Your Cat

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