The combination of cats and water is never a good mix. With the exception of these diligent cleaning kitties who love doing dishes and Neo the swimming cat, it is a universally understood fact that cats HATE water.

If to err is human, then to hate water is cat. Plain and simple. Any cat owner knows how miserable the experience of giving Mr.Whiskers a bath can truly be. Watching your sweet, docile cat turn into a tornado of razor sharp claws is no fun for any party involved. I mean if you thought this video of cats battling bananas was a tough fight, then seeing a cat battle bath-time might just be too much to handle.


We know our cats can be bossy and sassy at times, able to convey their feelings on a situation with a single squint of the eyes. But more than any other emotion, betrayal is the most hard-hitting dramatic showing a cat can express.

Check out the many stages of betrayal as showcased by these Oscar-worthy cats who have just experienced the unthinkable trauma of bath time.


1. Confusion: “Why Human, Why?”


2. Embarrassement: “I iz so naked…”


3. The Realization: “Et tu, Human?!”


4. Anger: “You Better Hide Those New Shoes You Just Bought…”


5. Silent Plotting: “How Many Dead Mice Will I put in Your Bed, Three? Five?” 


6. The Death Stare: “Just Wait Until I’m Dry Again!”


7.  Sheer Disappointment: “I Thought You Were Different, Human. I Guess I was Wrong.”


8. Soggy and Ready to Snap: “Put Me Down and Walk Away Slowly”

9. Revenge is Imminent: “It Might Happen in an Hour, Maybe a Week, Who Knows it Could be a Month, but You Shall Pay for This Human!”