Cats are notorious for being jerks; they can sometimes be quite bossy and demanding too. For one, they always (ok, almost always) get what they want. One look at their big “innocent” eyes, and you can’t help but give them all the attention they want.

And, right after they do get what they want, they run off quite quickly too. Thus is the life of a jerk cat.

However, there are exceptions: amazingly polite cats. These fur balls are the ones that ask to be petted. These are the kitties that don’t jump on you and don’t run off. They strive for your attention and know that being polite gets you more attention, toys, and treats than any fellow devious friends of theirs would.

Watch as Pikachu, one of the world’s most polite kittens (in my opinion), tries not to wake up its siblings as the little fur ball wakes up from nap time. For more polite kitties, check out the following videos:

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Lead image source: NBC Bay Area