You may previously have figured out just how insistent dogs can be when it comes to demanding affection from their guardians. You may even have observed what jerks cats can be when they don’t get their way in the petting arena.

However, the black and white cat featured in the adorable twenty-four second YouTube clip above puts them all to shame with his exceedingly polite and gentle approach.


Mindful of his guardian’s wish not to be roughly handled, the cat decides to attract his attention by softly placing his paw on the human’s arm and turning his best innocent, wide-eyed expression on him. Think of Puss in Boots’ cute, appealing gaze during the “Shrek” movies, and you’re almost there!

Short but sweet, this little video is sure to leave a smile on your face. Watch it, aww over it, and share it today!

Image source: Shannon/Flickr