Jump onto any social media site these days and you will see adorable pictures of cats and kittens being shared left and right. Some of these pictures are posted by loving pet parents, while others are looking for their forever homes — these particular posts are shelter cat profiles.

If you are looking to add a new furry family member, do your homework on responsible pet parenting, then watch this video to discover awesome reasons to adopt a cat!

Every year, six to eight million dogs and cats find themselves tenants of animal shelters with 2.7 million being put down, approximately 70 percent of the euthanized animals are cats. Want to know a sad fact? Many of these marked cats are healthy and adoptable; unfortunate victims of shelter overcrowding.

Choosing to adopt rather than shop helps to reduce the homeless pet population by keeping cats out of shelters, off the streets, and into safe and caring homes.

And you know what? Cats are pretty cool companion pets with the ability to reduce stress, raise your self-esteem, and they also have excellent listening skills. Pet away and feel the happy flow right back into you!

Image source: PCB75 / Flickr