A deputy in Vladamir Putin’s United Russia party mocked a dying wolf on camera. The man allegedly ran over the animal with a snowmobile.

The ethics commission received a notice about the 2020 incident recently. The “United Russia” political party’s ethics commission said that Denis Khakhalov, deputy of the Russian Kurgan Regional Duma, will likely be expelled for his behavior.

Source: News Таm – Тam/YouTube

Images and footage show Khakhalov sneering and laughing at the wolf while blood gushes from its face. The ethics committee responded to the killing, saying, “We have come to the conclusion that Denis Khakhalov has lost his humanity by mocking and torturing a wounded animal. Khakhalov has violated not only the parties ethical norms but also the more general universal human norm.”

Alexander Khinshtein, Deputy Secretary of the General Council of “United Russia” shared that an investigation into the incident would be opened.

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