Meet Sasha, the baby goat saved by a no-kill animal shelter in Poland. The cute baby goat was recently brought to the shelter by a woman who was fleeing Ukraine, and sweet videos of him have captured the hearts of many.

Source: Forbes Breaking News/Youtube

The ADA Foundation is located 30 minutes from the Ukraine border in Przemysl, Poland. ADA foundation is a no-kill animal shelter. These brave heroes and many others are risking their lives to drive animals out of Ukraine and help empty shelters as the war surrounds them.

Recently, a woman from Ukraine brought them a poor, broken tiny goat. The goat, Sasha, would have starved to death if the woman had left him in Ukraine. The woman reportedly dropped him off as she fled far away from Ukraine and made sure that the shelter knew that she would be back for him. The team at ADA has been helping Sasha, who has a problem with his legs, and his front legs are bound with gauze tape, but apparently, he is still rambunctious.

Source: CNN Newsroom/Youtube

“This lady [said], ‘I love so much this animal, and this animal is part of the family. We want him back when war will end,'” said vet Dr. Fedaczyńsky.

Animals are often forgotten about as victims in these times. These workers and volunteers spend countless hours helping animals of all kinds and are truly heroes. There are many ways to help these organizations, even if you are far away. Many are accepting monetary donations to purchase food, supplies, and other necessary items for the influx of animals. Read our post on how you can help animals in Ukraine and speak up and talk about what’s happening! Sign every petition you can and if you have the means, consider donating to organizations in Ukraine risking their lives to help.

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