Think about the one thing that annoys you the most. Is it a sound? A person? Pesky insects that bug the bejesus out of you while you’re trying to relax on the hammock? Well, there are those usual annoyances as well as one time irritants, then there are the surprise annoyances that sneak up on you when you least expect it. Or maybe surprises are what annoy you. Either way, it will still be a pain in your butt!

Take the unsuspecting baby goat in this video. He’s just sitting there relaxing when all of a sudden a pesky fly invades his space ruining everything. How?! Landing right in this little guy’s nostril, the fly causes an uncontrolled sneezing fit. Watch to see the inconvenient annoyance in its entirety and be prepared to chuckle with a smile!

It’s videos like this that make it official — baby animals are way cuter than humans when they sneeze uncontrollably!

Image source: Tambako The Jaguar/Flickr