It is impossible to determine exactly how many stray animals are currently in the United States, but the estimates are around 70 million. With shelters filling up as more and more strays are rescued, many of these poor animals are being euthanized due to overcrowding and lack of facilities. Out of the 7.6 million animals entering shelters annually, 2.7 million face this fate. The majority of cats and dogs in shelters are there because they have been lost, abused, or abandoned by their owners. Sadly, less than 40 percent of both cats and dogs are adopted.

Ken is a nine-year-old boy from the Philippines who, from an even younger age, felt moved to help animals in need. He began to feed homeless animals on the street, and even take them in. When pictures of him caring for dogs on the street garnered attention on the internet, he began to receive donations from kind strangers who were moved by this little boy’s big heart. As donations continued to pour in, Ken was able to achieve his longtime dream of starting his own animal shelter, the Happy Animals Club.


Ken thought up the idea for the Happy Animals Club when he was eight-years-old, designing his own signs urging others to “be an animal lover” and “save the animals.”

He began by feeding neglected strays he came across…

…and just one year later, his dream of operating his own shelter has come true!

Ken has even raised enough money to rent a facility to properly care for these sweet creatures!


The Happy Animals club takes meticulous care of their animals. They go to great lengths such as making their own food, to make sure everyone is healthy and gets proper nutrition. Here, a volunteer feeds the dogs homemade treats.

Ken makes sure his shelter stays true to its name, ensuring a quality, happy life, for its animals. They make sure each animal is loved, and even take them on outings!

The Happy Animals club isn’t just for dogs and cats, they extend their love to all animals. Recently, they rescued a cow!

Every day, Ken leads by example and shows what it really means to care for animals.


Thanks to others who also care, Ken is able to keep his mission going and continue looking after countless creatures.


Because of Ken, dozens of once homeless animals now have food, shelter, and endless love. All of them are up for adoption and many of them are even finding forever homes! Every day, this little boy is proving that small actions can make a big difference in an animal’s life. If you are interested in donating to the Happy Animals Club or adopting an animal from the shelter, click here. For more photos, click here. To learn more about how you can help homeless animals, click here.


Lead Image Source: Happy Animals Club/Facebook