Hernando deputies are currently searching for the person who cinched a zip tie around a dog’s neck, putting him in serious danger.

Bugsy, the 3-year-old dog was discovered by deputies after multiple people reported seeing him with a zip tie around his neck. Bugsy was friendly but scared when deputies arrived.

Hernando County Animal Services Officer Keith Berger said, “This is probably the worst thing I’ve seen. The dog’s head was twice the size that it normally should have been.”

Bugsy’s head was extremely swollen, and he was left with a painful indentation around his neck. After he had recovered more, Bugsy became much more friendly and less skittish.

Shelter coordinator Missy Ritter said, “They brought him in, and he was very kind and gentle when we were doing our veterinarian care with him, and his prognosis is very good. He seems to be healing right on track.”

Despite still being in recovery, Bugsy already has a family ready to adopt him once he gains some weight. The family was one of the citizens who called in about Bugsy as he wandered through neighborhoods.

Deputies are urging the public to come forward with any knowledge to help them catch whoever did this. This was an obvious act of cruelty with the intention of killing Bugsy in a long and horrific way. Thankfully, he is well on the road to recovery and has a bright future ahead of him.

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