Abandoning a dog does emotional and behavioral damage in ways most people can’t imagine. After losing the only people they have ever relied on, they feel worthless, unable to trust, and scared. The Hope For Paws team sees this kind of situation time and time again, but they never lose faith that forsaken animals will learn to love and trust again. When the rescue got a call about a dog who had been living in an empty house after being abandoned along with two other dogs, JoAnn Wiltz and Lisa Arturo headed out to the location.

Two of the dogs had been taken in by a kind neighbor leaving a terrified and skittish Golden Retriever mix all alone. The rescue team managed to lure him into a trap – and let’s just say he wasn’t thrilled. Luckily, a gentle voice and some nice food went a long way! The dog, named Moomba, eventually calmed down and was taken to the vet for medical care and Sunny Day Acres for rehabilitation. Now he’s happily living in his forever home!

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