Few things are as heartbreaking as a dog that has been made to fear humans. But, there are few things more heartwarming than seeing good people make up for all the bad and help dogs learn to trust and love again. This is a story just like that, the story of Rio.

Hope For Paws received a call on their emergency line about an injured dog. They rushed off to find the dog who had been hit by a car — they’d later find out that he suffered some head trauma and hurt his leg — and found him hobbling around the neighborhood. As the rescuers exited their vehicle, the dog immediately ran, clearly intimidated and worried about what might happen to him. With the dog in a panic, the rescuer’s top priority became making sure the dog was blocked from the busy intersection nearby.

After a thrilling chase, the team was able to leash the dog, who would come to be known as Rio. While he was, at first, completely terrified, a few moments of compassion melted away the fear and left love and warmth in its place.

Rio got some well-deserved quality time and TLC from Hope For Paws and now he’s in his forever home. It’s the perfect happy ending to a tale that could’ve ended up quite sad.

To help more dogs like Rio, check out Hope for Paws and donate. They can’t keep doing the work without our support. Every little bit counts.

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