Brass City Rescue Alliance is calling for help with the costs of medical treatment for a beautiful boy named Mr. T so that he can return to full health.

Mr. T is a purebred Bulldog who was given up when his callous owners decided they didn’t want him anymore. He is around seven years old, and apparently, these irresponsible people were tired of his constant ear infections … which, ironically, are the result of him being a purebred dog!

His ears are in such a bad condition that they are almost completely closed and resemble a cauliflower. They are too painful to even be looked in, but it has to be done to help Mr. T recover. Here he is looking rightfully sorry for himself. He has been abandoned by his family through no fault on his own, when he needed them most, and must be wondering what he has done wrong!

Mr. T’s ears are currently being packed and treated. He is on antibiotics for the infection, his skin is in a bad state, and on top of all of this, this poor boy is allergic to something he was being repeatedly fed. Mr. T will need a lot of love and long-term care before he will be ready for adoption, which is going to mean a lot of trips to the vet as well as a lot of hard work by Mr. T himself to get better. 


Purebred dogs are thought to be superior to the so-called mixed and mutt dogs around them, though it is clear to see in Mr. T’s case purebred dogs come with all sorts of problems. What has happened to Mr. T is the result of the passing on and worsening of this ear condition through inbreeding, which alleged “reputable breeders” don’t tell their clients about.

These dogs are effectively designed to meet our aesthetic needs, resulting in life-threatening conditions for these poor animals who never asked to be made into our accessories as so many of them are. The fact that Mr. T was given up because of a condition caused by inbreeding because he is purebred is one of the most idiotic things we might have heard. Yet, this is a sad reality that many dogs face when their uninformed caretakers realize that purebred dogs are, like all living creatures, flawed. This is why it is so important to always adopt and never shop for a dog. When people stop paying for “custom” dogs, the suffering can stop.

Brass City Rescue Alliance works hard to help the dogs, cats, and citizens of Waterbury Connecticut through education, support, and saving the lives of dogs like Mr. T. If you are able to, please consider making a donation to help Brass City Rescue Alliance continue their vital work. 

Image Source: Brass City Rescue Alliance