In a heartbreaking animal abuse case, a dog was dragged behind a vehicle on a concrete road for 100 yards, the length of a football field.

Youngtown Police were called out to the East Side of Youngstown after reports of a dog being dragged down a road, according to the Animal Charity of Ohio Facebook post.

According to eyewitnesses, the dog, Oreo, was being dragged behind a car going 35 miles per hour and was carried for approximately 100 yards before being chained up in the backyard. Blood was all over the road where she was dragged.

Poor Oreo is missing all of her nails on one foot and has severe abrasions on her leg, stomach, and chin. The medical staff began to help Oreo in any way they could. She was sedated to have her wounds cleaned, and they found at least two of her toes broken on each paw. All of Oreo’s paws had been degloved, and the road rash on her abdomen was bleeding a lot.

According to the animal charity, Oreo is still wagging her tail and just wants to be held. She is on pain medications and antibiotics and is finally on the road to recovery!

“Oreo is sore but is wagging her tail and loves getting attention from our caregivers. She’s taking her medication and going on short walks to the bathroom.”

Staff thanked the witnesses who saved Oreo. “Her life was saved because you cared. Oreo most likely would’ve died from her injuries or infection if you hadn’t been there to stop them and call YPD.”

In a recent update, the shelter wrote, “As of right now, Oreo’s paws are very painful (not surprising since was dragged the length of a football field behind a car). She is carried outside to potty and then back in to rest. We are closely monitoring her wounds and pain level, her medication is adjusted as needed to keep her as comfortable as possible.”

Charges are pending against her cruel abusers who did this to her, and we hope that they will face the consequences for this heartbreaking abuse. Check out the shelter on Facebook for more updates about Oreo and sign this petition to demand all states make all animal abuse a felony now!

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