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As responsible pet parents, ensuring the well-being of our furry friends is of paramount importance. Amidst the many aspects of pet care, one often underestimated element is feeding schedules. The hustle and bustle of modern life can make it challenging to maintain consistent feeding times for our pets. This is where automatic pet feeders step in as our dependable allies. These ingenious devices offer a simple and convenient solution, ensuring that our pets are well-fed, on time, and with precise portions.

There are several compelling advantages to using an automatic pet feeder:

  • Convenience:  With an automatic pet feeder, you can easily set feeding times and portion sizes, allowing the device to dispense food at the designated intervals, even when you’re away.
  • Health Benefits: Automatic pet feeders ensure that your pet receives the right amount of food at the right time, reducing the risk of obesity, digestive problems, and other health concerns.
  • Reduced Stress: Pet feeders provide consistency and reliability, ensuring that your pet never misses a meal and eats at the same time each day. This consistency significantly reduces stress, contributing to a healthier and happier life for your beloved companion.
  • Time-saving: Feeding multiple pets can be time-consuming. Automatic pet feeders allow you to set feeding times and portion sizes, saving you precious time.

Automatic pet feeders come in various types, each catering to different needs:

  • Basic Feeders: These are the simplest automatic pet feeders, consisting of a hopper to store the food and a dispenser that releases it.
  • Smart Feeders: The pinnacle of automatic pet feeding technology, smart feeders connect to Wi-Fi, enabling you to control and monitor feeding times and portion sizes via your smartphone or tablet.


Granary WIFI Feeder
Granary WIFI Feeder

Granary WIFI Feeder allows you to program your animal companion’s meals through an app! You can also record voice messages to call furry friends to mealtimes, schedule up to 10 meals per day, and receive notifications when the food tank is empty or is having problems. This product costs $89.99 but will be discounted to $69.99 for Black Friday from November 23-27.

One Amazon reviewer said, “I was hesitant to buy these, but it was a good decision. Easy to program. Less than a week later both cats are conditioned to use it. As soon as the food starts to drop, both cats go running to their bowls. I love that you can give additional portions easily. I should have ordered these sooner.”

The above product recommendation is sponsored.

2. Papifeed

Papifeed Smart Automatic Pet Feeder
Papifeed Smart Automatic Pet Feeder

Papifeed Smart Automatic Pet Feeder uses wifi and a smartphone app for easy control and remote feeding — it is even compatible with Alexa. The bowl is stainless steel and made for easy cleaning. You can easily control portion size for your pet with this product. The chamber holds up to 6L of food. It costs $39.99.

Felicia B said, “I needed a solution for providing food for four fixed feral cats while away for a few days. This feeder has worked perfectly. Before I got this feeder, I was setting out full bowls of food in the evening and hoping each would get some before it was gone or eaten by a raccoon or skunk. The porch is covered by a security camera so I am able to monitor the area live or view the recorded footage. The app has the ability to adjust and set times to dispense portions every couple of hours overnight. If I see the bowl is empty on the camera I can easily dispense more food from the app without scaring off a cat in the process. The first night I set out the feeder a raccoon came by and attempted to break into it knocking it all over the porch and unplugging it in the process but was unsuccessful at getting the reservoir open. The app even posted a notification that there was a problem with the feeder. After that, I screwed a ratchet strap to the floor and secured the feeder so it could not be moved. No problems with raccoons or other wildlife eating all the food before the cats have a chance now. The reservoir will hold a week’s worth of kibble for my application. I’m so happy I purchased this feeder.”

3. Babilo

Babilo Automatic Pet Feeder
Babilo Automatic Pet Feeder

Babilo Automatic Pet Feeder is a dry food dispenser that prioritizes freshness. It has wifi and app control where you can schedule feedings or feed right from your phone! It costs $59.99.

Gloria left a review saying, “I recently got this automatic cat feeder from Amazon for my cat who’s on a strict diet. Setting it up was a breeze, and programming the feeding times was super easy. Now I can make sure she gets the right amount of food at the right times, even when I’m not home. The portion control is a lifesaver, helping me stick to her diet plan without a fuss. The build quality seems sturdy and the feeder keeps the food fresh. Cleaning is also easy which is a plus. I’ve had it for a while now and it’s been working great. Definitely a good buy for anyone dealing with cat diet restrictions like me. Highly recommended as I am really satisfied with this purchase :))”

4. Hipidog

Hipidog Automatic Pet Feeder
Hipidog Automatic Pet Feeder

Hipidog Automatic Pet Feeder is made for small and medium-sized pets. It comes in a two-pack – one for water and one for food. These do not operate off of an app or wifi, but they simply dispense as the bowl runs dry. It costs $29.99 for both!

Listed as Amazon’s Choice, this product has high reviews. One reviewer said, “We used to fill up the pets’ water bowl 2x day at least. Now we do it once a week for a small dog and cat using it. The food dispenser we only use for the cat, the dog will eat it all in one sitting. When empty the food dispense will nearly fit a whole regular-size bag of cat food.”

5. Voluas

Voluas Automatic Pet Feeders
Voluas Automatic Pet Feeder

Voluas Automatic Pet Feeder holds up to 40 portions or 4 meals per day. The 4L food tank holds quite a bit of food and is perfect for a cat or dog. This product also includes a voice recording feature to call your pet over when the food is dispensed! It comes in black and white and costs $54.99.

One Amazon Customer said, “I love this cat feeder. It has everything u ever need or want. It lets u set the times for when to refill. Which is great for when I am out at work or if I have to run somewhere. It even lets me change the amount of food for different times of the day. It does make a small noise but it’s not that loud to really notice. Oh, and I am also happy it gives me a choice to use batteries or the cord if the battery runs out. Although I have to say it has wonderful battery power and I haven’t had to change it yet.”

6. Godreamit

Godreamit Automatic Cat Food Dispenser
Godreamit Automatic Cat Food Dispenser

Godreamit Automatic Cat Food Dispenser has a 180-day battery life and can schedule up to 4 meals in advance. It has an airtight seal and a voice recording feature to call in your pets when it is time to eat. It costs $29.98.

One Amazon reviewer said, “This automatic pet feeder is easy to assemble and easy to program for multiple feedings and different-sized meals if needed per day. The instructions were pretty simple. My daughter will be happy when I gift this to her pup who’s on a strict diet. It’s not intended for a pet that’s rough on stuff though because the food container just sits on the base and it could be knocked off easily by a big pet. Any improvements should include a screw on food container. I’ve tested it on my overweight dogs that have food available 24/7 and they get excited when they hear the food drop in the bowl. My next pet will be trained with an automatic feeder like this. The serving size in my photo is set to 2. I like that it runs off of batteries installed in the base, the included electric cord or USB. We can even take this camping.”

7. Lulumiao

Lulumiao Automatic Pet Feeder
Lulumiao Automatic Pet Feeder

Lulumiao Automatic Pet Feeder has a slow dispensing feature that prevents bloating. It can be controlled from the app and allows you to create a customized feeding schedule. It costs $29.95.

One reviewer said, “What you see is what you get. It does feed slowly and it’s very quiet and doesn’t take up too much space. Love it so far. Hope it lasts.”

8. Hipidog

Hipidog Automatic Pet Feeder
Hipidog Automatic Pet Feeder

Hipidog Automatic Pet Feeder comes with a food and water dispenser in a 1-gallon size. It is perfect for both cats and small dogs! It costs $29.98 for both and comes in a variety of colors.

Annie left a review saying, “Some days I’m away from the house for 12+ hours and I was worried about my cat having enough food (even though if you saw her you would know she is not in any way starving. Cute little chunky thing.). Her regular bowl can hold a decent amount of food but I was worried it wouldn’t be enough. I just wanted something I could put plenty of food in so I would worry about her when I was away for a longer time than usual. This is perfect. It is so very easy to use. I just pulled them out of the box and they were ready. There is some hardware, I believe little “feet”, you can attach, but I didn’t need them. I have found the feeder and water dispenser easy to fill and work great. I can put as much or as little in each as I feel is needed. I have no worries that my little fluffball will go hungry or thirsty with these being used. I really like them.”

9. Katalic

Katalic Automatic Pet Feeder
Katalic Automatic Pet Feeder

Katalic Automatic Pet Feeder has two feeding bowls and is perfect if you have multiple pets! It has a meal call voice recorder, and timer setting, is clog-free, and can hold 6L of pet food. It costs $64.99!

Andrea Snyder left a review saying, “My cats love it. It was pretty easy to set up, I got to record my voice so every time it feeds them it has my recording. It can feed up to four times a day and you can set it to feed quite a bit in case you have a lot of cats. I have three cats and this works just fine for them. So far my cats have not figured out how to break into it like they have done with previous feeders but only time will tell. You can use it with an adapter which is included and/or with backup batteries which are not included but it’s convenient if the power goes out or something.”

Automatic pet feeders are a remarkable innovation that not only eases the task of pet feeding but also provides numerous benefits for both pets and their owners. From convenience and health benefits to reduced stress and peace of mind, these devices are transforming the way we care for our furry companions. Whether you opt for a basic feeder or invest in a smart feeder, the choice is yours. With an automatic pet feeder by your side, you can ensure that your pet’s nutritional needs are met consistently, making for a healthier and happier life together.

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Tiny Rescue Animal Collection

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