Long-time animal rights advocate and singer, Sia, recently invested in Bond Pet Foods, which makes a cultured meat protein through fermentation, so no animals have to be slaughtered. The same process is used to create enzymes in cheese.

In an article for Fortune, Sia made it clear why she supports this revolutionary new product.

“The importance of this cannot be understated; if America’s dogs and cats were their own country, their consumption of meat products alone would rank fifth in the world.”

Founded in 2017, Bond Pet Foods is based out of Boulder, Colorado. So far, they have created a cultured chicken protein, but have plans to create beef and fish proteins too. They currently sell dog treat bars made from plants.

Sia, and many others in this space, seem to understand that many people just won’t be able to give up animal products. So instead of trying to convince them to, they’ve decided to create the same products without the cruelty.

“These solutions aren’t designed for vegans or vegetarians, or to convert meat eaters to vegetarians. They’re designed to cater to our loved ones whose diets might never change regardless of how plentiful the plant-based alternatives become,” Sia stated.

Pet food is an especially contentious subject, even amongst vegans. While a lot them are getting on board with vegan dog food, the subject of vegan cat food can cause some fiery debates.

Luckily, we’ll soon have a product that satisfies everyone.

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