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If you want to give your dog the best diet possible, you will want to be more aware of the worst ingredients, There are a lot of different kinds of dog food out there, and many just aren’t that good. So, if you are interested in finding out what kinds of food are best for your dog and what to avoid, keep reading.

The Worst Ingredients in Dog Food

Some of the worst ingredients in dog food are the easiest ingredients to overlook. This makes it very difficult to make good decisions when it comes to buying dog food for your furry companion.

This list of ingredients should help you to be able to make better decisions regarding your dog’s food so that they can eat a healthy and nutritious diet to keep them feeling and looking good!

Source: Furry Ark/Youtube

1. Melamine

Melamine is a type of plastic that contains levels of nitrogen in it. It is often added to dog food to make it look like it contains more protein than it does. In small doses, melamine is considered safe, but it is still a toxic ingredient. In higher and more regular doses, melamine can be fatal, depending on the dog’s size.

Despite how dangerous this ingredient can be for your dog, testing for melamine is not mandated. This allows many brands to get away with adding it to their recipes.

2. Carrageenan

Carrageenan is an ingredient made from seaweed that vegans often use to thicken food. It is most frequently used as a gelatine substitute.

It might come as a surprise that carrageenan is one of the worst ingredients in dog food. Generally, it is considered to be safe, but there is a degraded variant in carrageenan called poligeenan. Poligeenan is not safe for food consumption and is removed from carrageenan made for human consumption.

These kinds of things often slip under the radar when it comes to dog food, so your dog could be consuming this dangerous variant. Studies show that it could lead to GI inflammation and even cancer with long-term consumption.

3. Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is a texture additive that keeps dog food soft and easy to chew. While that is all well and good, it is still an unhealthy additive. It could be a sign that the food is low quality if it needs a stabilizer, or it could be stored for long periods without going hard and dry. Overall, it is best to avoid as many fillers and additives as possible.

Source: Relax My Dog – Relaxing Music for Dogs/Youtube

4. Meat Meal

If you see meat meal on the list of ingredients in your dog food, do not buy that brand, ever! Meat meal is made from sick and diseased animal parts that have been heated up and cooked down. This process removes the fat, leaving behind a grainy kind of minced meat. It does contain adequate amounts of protein, but it is not a dependable source of nutrition. The meat is often of bad quality and comes from a vast assortment of animal parts.

5. Food Dyes

Food dyes are one of the worst ingredients in any kind of food, whether for our pets or us. It is especially unnecessary in dog food and is only there to look appealing to humans. Food dye has a long list of side effects depending on the color and how it is made. It is a completely unnecessary ingredient, and your dog does not need it in their food.

6. MSG

MSG is a flavor enhancer that is a harmful ingredient. If your dog food has MSG in it, it is most likely low quality since it needs added flavoring to make it appealing. It has no nutritional value, and many dogs are allergic to it. This could lead to skin issues, itchiness, and peeling. If a dog food brand contains MSG, it is best to stay away.

What to Look for in Good Dog Food

Now that we know the worst ingredients in dog food, here are some positive things to look out for. These things will help you to know if your dog’s food is high quality or not.

Source: DogBoys Dog Ranch/Youtube

1. Few Ingredients

Like human food, the fewer ingredients in your dog food, the better. Dog food with more than ten ingredients is usually full of fillers and preservatives. Fillers are just a way to trick you into thinking that you are getting a good deal on the food. When in reality, you are getting less value for your money.

2. Order of Ingredients

When it comes to dog food, the ingredients must be ordered by the amount added to the food. So, if the first ingredient is rice, rice will be the dominant ingredient in dog food. This is why it is important to look at the list of ingredients to find out what your dog food is mainly made of. Always keep an eye on these things to ensure you’re giving your dog the best life you can!

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