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Update 2/15/28: Due to consumer concern, Gravy Train® has initiated a voluntary withdrawal on specific shipments canned/wet dog food, stating “they do not meet our quality specifications.”

When animal caretakers purchase pet food, they trust the labels that state the products meet basic nutritional standards. However, in a food system so broken and corrupted by greed, what goes into pet food is largely unregulated. Ingredients such as “meat by-products” mean that just about any animal body part is ground up in the food. Although what type of animals and what body parts are suspect, animal guardians would not typically worry the pet food is poisoned.

A petition on Care2 tells the tragic story of Talulah, the dog who died after eating Evanger dog food. Talulah died from poisoning from pentobarbital, a drug used to euthanize animals. After hearing her story, a D.C. news station and lab specializing in food contaminants investigated further and discovered that a shocking 60 percent of Gravy Train canned dog food, a different company that is owned by Smucker’s, contained pentobarbital.

The petition is calling on Smucker’s to recall this product and change their regulatory standards. Please take a moment to sign the petition.

If your pet has been fed Gravy Train products, take them to a vet immediately. To more closely monitor what your pets eat, you can make them nutritious meals yourself. Check this out to help get you started.

And PLEASE help get the word out about this poisoned pet food and share this with your network!

Buzz Petition

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