Our recipe community is constantly growing and evolving. From decadent delights to healthy alternatives for everyday meals, our bloggers have created a treasure trove of recipes that are exciting and innovative. They work hard every week to create content for the world to enjoy and are proof that with creativity and skill, anything can be made plant-based!

That being said, please join us in welcoming these awesome new bloggers that joined us this Spring 2018: 


1. Marina Yanay-Triner: Soul In The Raw

Marina is a high-raw vegan educator, recipe creator, coach. She creates quick, easy and extremely flavorful high-raw vegan recipes on Soul in the Raw and educates on a scientifically-supported whole food plant-based lifestyle. She went vegan to overcome PTSD and horrible digestion.

Today, she spreads her love for veganism and helps others go vegan through a heart-centered and practical approach. This Eggplant Parmesan she created is out of this world! More than being vegan, this dish is also stacked – you will layer all the vegan eggplant parmesan layers on top of one another instead of how they are usually presented.

2. HeeJee Lee: White Blank Space

HeeJee is a food blogger and creator of White Blank Space. She is a licensed architect, enjoys styling food, and taking food photography. She is a Korean living in sunny California with her Mexican husband and an active toddler. Naturally, many of her awesome recipes are a fusion of Korean, Mexcian, and American food. She also focuses on family meals that can be enjoyed from toddler to adults.

She shows you how to create delicious dishes, like her Jap-chae: Korean Stir-Fried Glass Noodles recipe. Jap-chae literally means “mixed veggies.” It’s a popular dish at Korean parties and potlucks, and considering the traditional cooking method, it deserves to be a celebration dish. Various julienned vegetables are stir-fried separately to maintain their vibrant colors. Then, they are gently tossed with seasoned glass noodles to create a colorful and elegant dish.


3. Daniela Modesto: Calm Eats

Daniela is food blogger and photographer who is passionate about all things related to wholesome and real food. Her site, Calm Eats, is geared towards to those who are looking to eat real food that is uncomplicated and 100% gluten-free and dairy-free. She keeps gut health in mind with every dish that she makes.

Her goal is to provide you with delicious recipes that make you feel good inside and out! Her Vegetable Coconut Curry is a great option if you’re looking for a quick dinner that’s going to require minimum effort. It’s also practically foolproof since the blender makes the sauce for you and all you have to do is peel, chop, and stir.

4. Sabrina Estafo: Sabrina’s Sinless Secrets

Sabrina is the food blogger behind Sabrina’s Sinless Secrets, which has tons of clean-eating and allergy-friendly recipes. Whether you can’t eat certain foods or if you chose not to, Sabrina’s got you covered! She shows you how to live a healthy lifestyle by providing gluten-free, Paleo, vegan, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free recipes that still taste just as sinfully delicious as if they were full of the bad stuff!

Her Paleo Pecan Pie Bars are definitely something you have to recreate at home. They are sweet, sticky, and full of toasted pecan goodness! They’re made with a simple date caramel, overlaying a shortbread crust! These will “wow” even the pickiest of eaters and leave you craving more, especially when you find out they’re made with wholesome ingredients.


5. Hyeon Jeong Yoon: Gilded Gingerbread

Hyeon Jeong is the amazing blogger behind Gilded Gingerbread! Born and raised in South Korea,  she now lives in the UK with her British husband and two wonderful children. She is a self-taught cook having watched her amazing mother whip up fantastic feasts from an early age. On her blog, Hyeon Jeong likes to keep things simple and tasty. You’ll find her favorite Korean recipes, desserts, and one or two surprises. Her Doenjang Jjigae recipe is absolutely delicious! This Korean Stew is very quick and easy. Doenjang Jjigae is made with soybean paste, vegetables, and fresh tofu. It has anti-aging and anti-cancer properties, vitamin A, vitamin C and tons of minerals.

6. Ana Queiroz: Eats and Shoots

Ana Queiroz is a Brazilian foodie, plant-based since childhood, lover of chocolate, music, nature, and hammocks. Cooking for Ana is an act of love, a beautiful process that mixes science and magic. Her blog, Eats and Shoots, is her creative outlet and a way to share her delicious recipes with the world. This Creamy Plantain Stew is both comforting and easy. It’s so satisfying and comforting, you’ll be coming back for seconds in no time. Infused with creamy and delicious ingredients like coconut milk and coriander, you can’t go wrong with this simple, but effective recipe.

7. Natalie Martin MS, RD and Lexie Staten MS, RD: Wholly Plants

Wholly Plants is co-authored by Registered Dietitians and sisters who are passionate about sharing the what, why, and how of a whole food, plant-based diet. Their professional credentials provide them with the tools to understand and incorporate the evidence that food influences health. Their background as farm girls gives them a unique, big-picture perspective about where food comes from and how it affects the planet. Their love of all things food motivates them to create delicious, beautiful dishes. Their Crock Pot Tacos recipe is so easy to prepare! This recipe has all the good stuff, such as onion, pepper, mushrooms, and black beans. Add some brown rice, cloves, and cilantro on top for some extra flavors! 

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