We’re coming at you with 15 vegan recipes perfect for summer we found on the Food Monster App!

Not only are they healthy, but each one has a unique, international twist. Satisfy any set of taste buds with summer flavor!

1. Morocco: Moroccan Roasted Carrots With Harissa Moroccan Roasted Carrots

These Moroccan Roasted Carrots With Harissa are so simple! These roasted carrots are sweet with just a little bit of smoky spiciness. They’re the perfect side to any number of veggies and grains.

2. France: Strawberry Lemonade Macarons 

Look how cute these Strawberry Lemonade Macarons are! These delicious, vegan strawberry lemonade macarons have a perfectly smooth and shiny top, ruffled feet, and a moist, chewy middle.

3. Thailand: Sweet Potato Carrot Coconut Thai Soup 

This Sweet Potato Carrot Coconut Thai Soup is so vibrant! It also has fresh ginger and almond butter.

4. Egypt: Creamy Broccoli Hummus 

This Creamy Broccoli Hummus is a dream! Easy to make, and so convenient for lunches and snacking throughout the week, it’s a recipe to celebrate both deliciousness and good health in one fell swoop.

5. Mexico: Crispy Fried Avocado Tacos With Jalapeño Slaw and Cilantro-Lime 

OMG fried avocado?! These Crispy Fried Avocado Tacos With Jalapeño Slaw and Cilantro-Lime are perfection!  They’re stuffed with avocado wedges that are fried to a perfect golden crisp, paired with a spicy jalapeño slaw, and topped with a delicious cilantro-lime crema.

6. China: Veggie Summer Rolls With Spicy Garlic Peanut Sauce

These Veggie Summer Rolls With Spicy Garlic Peanut Sauce are, well, ready for summer! There is something so satisfying about rice paper rolls filled with fresh herbs, vermicelli, greens, and veggies, paired with a creamy flavorful dipping sauce.

7. Italy: Creamy Spreadable Pesto Cheese Looking to Eat Less Dairy? Here are 5 Healthy Swaps that Make it Easier!

This Creamy Spreadable Pesto Cheese would make such a simple meal over pasta or bread! The soft, creamy cashew cheese is perfumed with a simple pesto made with fresh basil and a bit of garlic.

8. India: Bhindi Masala: Crispy Stir-Fried Okra

This Bhindi Masala: Crispy Stir-Fried Okra is so fresh! Look at all of the fresh, summer veggies in this dish!

9. Japan: Turmeric Cauliflower Rice Sushi

This Turmeric Cauliflower Rice Sushi is a must-try! Cauliflower and turmeric provide the base for these rolls and they are tied together with some creamy avocado and a tangy sauce.

10. Vietnam: Vietnamese Creamy Purple Yam SoupVietnamese Purple Yam Soup 2 

Wow, just look at the color of this Vietnamese Creamy Purple Yam Soup! Made by blending frozen purple yams with vegetable broth, water, and mushroom seasoning, this soup is fragrant, rich, and creamy. Top it with some vegan ground meat for a hearty garnish that will fill you up and add a nice aesthetic to the dish.

11. The United States: Key Lime Pie Parfaits With Aquafaba Whipped Cream 

The jars of these Key Lime Pie Parfaits With Aquafaba Whipped Cream are big enough to share (or not share). Graham cracker crust, lime curd, and aquafaba whip cream make up the layers of this parfait.

12. Ecuador: Ecuadorian-Style Hearts of Palm Ceviche Vegan Hearts of Palm Ceviche

Look at this flavorful Ecuadorian-Style Hearts of Palm Ceviche! It’s tender and crispy, tart and zesty and fresh, and oh so perfect served with a crunchy tostada or corn chips.

13. Cuba: Cuban Lentil Soup With Baked Plantains and Lemon Crema

This Cuban Lentil Soup With Baked Plantains and Lemon Crema is packed with protein! This is a robust soup with plenty of vegetables and spiced up with traditional Cuban flavors. Garnished with a lemon crema and irresistible baked plantains, this dish is warming and full of nutrition!

14. Ireland: Irish Potato Pie 

Wow – potatoes on pizza? You need this Irish Potato Pie. The result is a savory, caramelized and tender-sweet potato pie with a golden crust.

15. Germany: German Potato Salad Vegan German Potato Salad

Bring this German Potato Salad to your next picnic and your family will thank you! In this tasty salad, the potatoes are marinated in a light vinaigrette flavored with a popular spice that is used in Germany called the caraway seed.

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Lead image source: Vietnamese Creamy Purple Yam Soup