There’s something so magical and exciting about gathering with friends and family to celebrate something special! From birthdays to holidays, anniversaries and graduations, gathering with the ones you love is what life is all about. These kinds of days should be the ones that stand out for how magical and memorable they were, not because there was stress over the menu! Fortunately, we know this, which is why we’ve put together a plant-based,  one-stop shop for all of your most important days. Want to host a vegan Christmas? Got you covered! Desperate for Halloween candy recipes that don’t contain horrible ingredients? We’ve got the boo for you! Just click on your day and feel the stress melt away.


  • Super Bowl

    It’s Game Day and you know what that means! It’s time to whip out the appetizers, spreads, dips, and … plant-based wings and meatballs! That’s right Green Monsters, no need for animal-based ingredients during the game, thanks to some amazing, incredible recipes that are all plant-based and sure to satisfy. During the Super Bowl, you have a variety of foods that can be whipped up into something tasty, without the need for one bit of dairy, meat, eggs, poultry or fish. Check out all our game day spreads, dips, entrees, snacks, and even a few tempting desserts too. Just be sure you make enough – even the opposing team fans might be asking you for a bite of your recipes! See A Green Monster’s Guide to the Super Bowl.

  • Valentine's Day

    Love is in there air, everywhere we look around! Seriously, we’re not exaggerating. Valentine’s Day brings with it an explosion of red and pink, roses, love notes and more candy than any one person can reasonably eat. But, we do. Oh, we do. For a plant-based eater, this can sometimes pose a challenge. How do you have a romantic moment without digging into chocolate confections or heavenly desserts? The answer is, you don’t. You can easily keep any animal ingredients out of your plans, letting you have your cake and eat it too. Heck, you can even feed each other the cake while you’re at it. It’s Valentine’s Day!  See a Green Monster’s Guide to Valentine’s Day.

  • Easter

    Easter is the time of year many celebrate their spiritual or religious beliefs, and most all celebrations involve food at some point or another. If you’re into Easter candy, celebratory meals, and other festive Easter eats, then you can be sure that we’ve got recipes you can enjoy during this celebration. See A Green Monster’s Guide to Easter

  • Fourth of July

    Fireworks, the hot sun, and if you’re lucky – a barbecue and freshly made ice cream. But hold up now, no need for meat or dairy at this holiday celebration! Summer is one of the easiest times to eat a plant-based diet due to the wealth of fruits and vegetables available. You can grill any of these, pair them with some plant-based ice cream, protein options, and snacks that can be thrown together in a flash! Even if you’re going to a party and not sure what to eat, these meal and snack ideas will help give you some ideas.  See a Green Monster’s Guide to the Fourth of July here. 


  • Halloween

    Spooky, scary – at least that’s what meat and dairy-filled dishes are! This Halloween, tempt your taste buds with the really delicious offerings – raw chocolates, vegan fudge and candies, cupcakes, mini cakes, and even spooky plant-based stews and soups to keep those cauldrons hot and bubbling! Best of all, your cholesterol and stomach will thank you the next day, thanks to no eggs, dairy, or other animal products in any of our plant-based recipes. See all of our Halloween recipes here. 

  • Thanksgiving

    No turkeys are on this menu! We’re gonna let those turkeys keep to their business while we hit up the other tasty offerings instead. Plant-based Thanksgiving dishes aren’t just tasty – they’re also easy! There’s no Tofurkey needed should you not want that type of deal, since there are multiple holiday dishes you can make without meat. We also have a variety of dairy and egg-free recipes such as baked pies, raw desserts, breads, stuffing, and plenty of hearty veggie and grain side dishes. See all of our Thanksgiving Day recipes here. 

  • Christmas

    The most magical time of the year is here! What are you going to make first? Let it be cookies, cakes, pies, warm stews, hearty entrees, and plenty of snacks and dips too, Christmas is the time to go all out when it comes to the spread. No matter if you have relatives coming over or if your celebrating solo with just your closest and dearest, there’s a little something in our vegan recipe collection for everyone during the holiday season. We like to think that the most magical time of the year can also be completely cruelty-free, delicious, and totally simple at the same time. See all of our Christmas recipes here. 

  • Hanukkah

    For everyone celebrating Hanukkah, we’re so honored to share with you our favorite Jewish recipes, many of which are inspired by one of our own Green Monsters that celebrates Hanukkah every year herself. Whether you love laktkes, matzo ball soup, beignets, or you just need a hearty entree, we’ve got you covered. There’s no need for the meat this year, just join us for your Hanukkah celebration and light the menorah! These 8 days of Hanukkah are going to be unlike any other. See our Hanukkah recipes here. 

  • Life Celebrations - Anniversaries, Birthdays, Parties

    Birthdays, anniversaries and all of life’s little celebrations deserve special recipes. Why not give your loved ones the best you can by giving them something that’s better for their bodies and also taste great too! These recipes are free of cholesterol, yet they’re packed full of flavor. Whether you need a batch of cupcakes, a special cake, a fun parfait, to-go specialty cookies or a pie, we have you covered for all life’s little celebrations. We even have side dishes, casseroles, and whatever else you might need for parties and small celebrations of all kind. See all of our Life Celebration recipes here.