Love is in the air, everywhere we look around! Seriously, we’re not exaggerating. Valentine’s Day brings with it an explosion of red and pink, roses, love notes and more candy than any one person can reasonably eat. But, we do. Oh, we do. For a plant-based eater, this can sometimes pose a challenge. How do you have a romantic moment without digging into chocolate confections or heavenly desserts? The answer is, you don’t. You can easily keep any animal ingredients out of your plans, letting you have your cake and eat it too. Heck, you can even feed each other the cake while you’re at it. It’s Valentine’s Day!


  • Romantic Breakfast in Bed Recipes

    Making breakfast for someone special this Valentine’s Day? Whether it be pancakes, muffin, a smoothie, oatmeal, or something a bit heartier, there’s a recipe here you can make for your loved ones. Check out these 25 Vegan Breakfast in Bed recipes!

  • Hot and Sexy Vegan Desserts

    Aprodisiac fans, this is the list for you! These 50 recipes are full of delicious, indulgent vegan foods that just happen to be natural libido boosters. The best part? They’re all desserts and many are even quick, raw and no-bake so they don’t take much hassle. Try out our 50 Hot and Sexy Vegan Desserts for Valentine’s Day!

  • Heart-Healthy Valentine's Day Menu

    If you’re looking to take extra care of yourself and your loved ones, here are a few vegan food ideas to add to your Valentine’s Menu. Simple to prepare and full of flavor, give the gift of health this love-filled holiday! See these Heart-Healthy (Mouth-Happy) Vegan Valentine’s Day menu ideas!

  • How to Make a Strawberry Rose (Video)

    Strawberry roses can easily be made in just a few minutes and make a nice festive display, whether it be on a breakfast table, on each person’s dessert at dinner, or served over a vegan parfait. See how to make an edible rose out of fresh strawberries in this video!

  • Edible Valentine's Day Food Gifts

    If you’re short on funds or just wanting to do something extra fun for Valentine’s Day, why not make edible gifts for your loved ones this year? Sometimes food is a gift of love and health all at the same time. Show your loved ones how yummy vegan foods can be with these 20 Vegan Edible Food Gifts for Valentine’s Day.

  • Healthy Valentine's Day Treats for Pups

    We can’t forget our pups on Valentine’s Day! You have to be careful not to give them chocolate (along with some other foods like raisins,  onions, garlic, avocados) since those foods are toxic to doggies, however, there are plenty of other treats you can make for them instead. Dogs love oats, peanut butter, bananas, pumpkin, and a few other goodies too. Check out how to make your dogs heart-shaped puppy treats this Valentine’s Day. 

  • Homemade Vegan Candy Recipes

    Vegan Snickers and Reese’s? You got it! No matter what candy you’re craving, we’ve got a little something here for everyone. Here are 15 Vegan Candy Recipes to make this Valentine’s Day!