It’s Game Day and you know what that means! It’s time to whip out the appetizers, spreads, dips, and … plant-based wings and meatballs! That’s right Green Monsters, no need for animal-based ingredients during the game, thanks to some amazing, incredible recipes that are all plant-based and sure to satisfy. During the Super Bowl, you have a variety of foods that can be whipped up into something tasty, without the need for one bit of dairy, meat, eggs, poultry or fish. Check out all our game day spreads, dips, entrees, snacks, and even a few tempting desserts too. Just be sure you make enough – even the opposing team fans might be asking you for a bite of your recipes!


  • 16 Vegan Snacks and Finger Foods for the Super Bowl

    Superbowl is all about the snacks! Here are some easy to grab foods that aren’t just yummy but also completely cruelty-free! Try out our vegan snacks and finger foods for your Superbowl party.

  • More Super Bowl Snacks to Choose From

    Want some chili fries? What about some savory chips? We’ve got you covered with even more Superbowl snack recipe ideas!

  • 7 Vegan Sandwiches to Make for Your Super Bowl Party

    Snacks are a great starter, but a party wouldn’t be the same without some delicious sandwiches for satisfying the appetite. Here are some to serve that will keep your appetites at bay!

  • 25 Comfort Food Recipes for the Super Bowl

    Buffalo wings and dip and hearty BBQ sandwiches are all some favorites many people love. Why not make them vegan? It’s easy, delicious, and these recipes will have you wondering why you ever went for the meat-based options in the past!

  • How to Plan a Winning Super Bowl Party

    Aside from the actual recipes, some super helpful tips will also make your Superbowl party a success. Check out these tips from one of our Green Monsters to make sure your party is well-planned and to ensure your guests are pleased!

  • 15 Double Dip Worthy Recipes for Your Super Bowl Party

    You can’t have a proper Superbowl party (or any party for that matter!) without a few good dip recipes. Here are 15 that you’ll want to make sure you make enough of; these recipes will go quick!