For everyone celebrating Hanukkah, we’re so honored to share with you our favorite Jewish recipes, many of which are inspired by one of our own Green Monsters that celebrates Hanukkah every year herself. Whether you love latkes, matzo ball soup, beignets, or you just need a hearty entree, we’ve got you covered. There’s no need for the meat this year, just join us for your Hanukkah celebration and light the menorah! These 8 days of Hanukkah are going to be unlike any other.


  • Tips to Have a Healthy Hannukah

    Plant-based celebrations are already healthy, but to make yours even better for you while still keeping in plenty of flavor, see these Tips to Have a Healthy Hannukah for simple tips and recipe ideas.

  • Vegan Latke Recipes

    Latkes, latkes, latkes! These are some of the most popular recipes to make during Hanukkah. Try these 5 Vegan Latke Recipes Just in Time for Hannukah for a variety of plant-based flavors and heartiness!

  • Tips to Make Hanukkah More Delicious

    No one wants to go about making their first vegan Hanukkah dinner and have it come out a flop! Good thing you don’t have to worry with that, thanks to our special Tips to make Your Hanukkah Magically Delicious!

  • More Vegan Jewish Recipes

    Still hungry for Hannukah goodness? Light the menorah … we’ve got more vegan Jewish recipes you will love!