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Birthdays, anniversaries and all of life’s little celebrations deserve special recipes. Even simple parties, brunches with friends or for showers, or even your pet’s birthdays too. Why not give your loved ones the best you can by giving them something that’s better for their bodies and also taste great too? These recipes are free of cholesterol, yet they’re packed full of flavor and satisfaction. Whether you need a batch of cupcakes, a special cake, a fun parfait, a cocktail appetizer, an elaborate trifle, a special breakfast, or specialty cookies and a pie, we have you covered for all life’s little celebrations!


  • How to Throw an Epic Vegan Birthday Party

    Cakes, cupcakes, pies, tarts, drinks, entrees, and everything else you could need for a party. It’s all here in our tips for How to Throw an Epic Vegan Birthday Party!

  • Vegan Birthday Cakes

    If someone told you there were 20 Vegan Birthday Cakes to enjoy for the next 20 years, all different and unique in their own way, we’re willing to be you’d look forward to aging a bit more! These cakes are 100 percent cruelty free and 1000 percent more delicious!

  • Dairy-Free Ice Cream

    No party is complete without ice cream, which is luckily so easy to make plant-based. Skip the cartons at the store and try these vegan Ice Cream recipes instead!

  • More Cakes

    Need more ideas for birthday cakes? Cool, we’ve got ya covered! See More Birthday Cakes here for simple ways to make something special for those you love!

  • How to Make Your Dog a Vegan Birthday Cake

    Hey, you can’t leave out your pup! They’re just as special as we are (okay, maybe more than that to some of us!), however, many birthday cakes made for dogs are filled with unhealthy ingredients for them. Just learn How to Make Your Dog a Vegan Birthday Cake … it’s so easy!

  • House Party Recipes

    House Party Recipes are essential to entertaining guests, but put up those horrendous cocktail wieines we all used to eat, and for goodness sakes, make something that won’t send the guests into a tummy-turning tailspin. These recipes are sure to please just as much as that “seemingly spiked” punch you might be having!


  • Cocktail Recipes and Appetizers

    Maybe you’re just throwing a light shin-dig and need some simple eats. No worries, friends! These Cocktail Party Recipes and Appetizers have got ya covered, no need to buy pre-made snacks at the store.

  • Brunch

    Having a brunch party? Not just any recipe will cut it, and there are tons of vegan Brunch Recipes you can make that are quick and easy. Give them a try …. brunch has never been so good!


  • Romantic Vegan Breakfasts for Anniversaries

    Say Happy Anniversary to your sweet one right as the day starts off. Skip those bacon and eggs and give your soul mate something that will keep them healthy and make them feel great all day! See these Romantic Vegan Breakfast Ideas to win your sweetie-pie over!


  • More Desserts for Parties and Celebrations

    Even if you can’t cook, there are so many Vegan Desserts you can make that will make you the saving grace at any party. People will love you for them, ask you where in the world you got the recipe, and the best part is, you get to tell them that your recipe has no animal products in it whatsoever. Be prepared, they won’t believe you, but they will ask you to make it over and over again!