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one green planet

Spooky, scary – at least that’s what meat and dairy-filled dishes are! This Halloween, tempt your taste buds with the really delicious offerings – raw chocolates, vegan fudge and candies, cupcakes, mini cakes, and even spooky plant-based stews and soups to keep those cauldrons hot and bubbling! Best of all, your cholesterol and stomach will thank you the next day, thanks to no eggs, dairy, or other animal products in any of our plant-based recipes!


  • Scary Halloween Recipes

    Who doesn’t love scary recipes to make Halloween totally authentic? Though we agree eating meat is much scarier, these Ghoulishly Good Halloween Recipes sure to make a deliciously scary way to enjoy a plant-based Halloween!

  • Halloween Candy Recipes

    These Sweeter Than Candy Vegan Halloween Recipes are so good you won’t even miss those sugary coated candies we all grew up eating. Vegan candy is just as good as regular candy except no dairy derivatives are included. That also means a happy tummy … more room for candy!

  • Savory Halloween Recipes

    Not all recipes have to be sweet on Halloween. In fact, if you’re having a party, you should definitely make some Savory Vegan Halloween Recipes too. They’re great for meals or for those that might just not like sweets too much. Or, if you get sick of all the candy, they’ll come in handy for balancing out your meals. Whatever the case, just make them!

  • More Vegan Halloween Recipes

    Still hungry? Good! We’ve got more Vegan Halloween Recipes you can check out that has all kinds of Halloween themed goodness. Trick or Treat, Green Monsters!