Fireworks, the hot sun, and if you’re lucky – a barbecue and freshly made ice cream. But hold up now, no need for meat or dairy at this holiday celebration! Summer is one of the easiest times to eat a plant-based diet due to the wealth of fruits and vegetables available. You can grill any of these, pair them with some plant-based ice cream, protein options, and snacks that can be thrown together in a flash! Even if you’re going to a party and not sure what to eat, these meal and snack ideas will help give you some ideas.


  • Vegan Grilling Recipes

    You don’t have to give up the grill just because you go plant-based! Vegan foods make just as great grilling (and filling!) foods as much as animal-based foods. Whether it’s sandwiches, burgers, veggies or fruits, these 30 recipes are sure to satisfy your grilled food cravings!

  • How to Survive the 4th of July Without Meat

    Just because meat isn’t on the menu for July 4th certainly doesn’t mean you’ll go hungry. There are many ways to satisfy your meat cravings with plant-foods, and many are even more filling and delicious, believe it or not. Give these recipes a shot!


    Giving up dairy doesn’t mean giving up delicious desserts. You can make any dessert out there without an ounce of dairy — you just have to know a few tips and some great recipes. Why not start with these?

  • Veggie Burgers

    Veggie burgers are the best recipe to make for July 4th because they’re great for the grill, and can be a real crowdpleaser with the right recipe. Check out all these awesome veggie burgers to try now!

  • July 4th Dessert Ideas

    If you’re still looking for more desserts, check out these 30 recipes that will inspire you to sweeten things up with plant-based goodies of all kind!