Ellen DeGeneres is a true gem. She’s an American treasure, a fearless comedian, the list could go on endlessly. Whether you know her as the voice of Dory or regularly watch Ellen on tv, the 60-year-old comedian has made a permanent mark on American culture, and she’s here to stay.

She recently posted reposted a video uploaded by vegan Australian animal activist, James Aspey, to its 52.5 million followers on Instagram. The video clip was originally posted to the site by the animal-themed Instagram account Animal on Earth.


We put the wrong emphasis on what beauty is and what health is,” Ellen said, “health is being vibrant and having energy and being happy – if you’re healthy, it’s got nothing to do with how much you weigh.” Her wife, actress Portia de Rossi is also completely on board with living a vegan lifestyle.

She told Oprah.com, “Over the next year, I stopped eating all animals and animal products. I always thought going vegan would be difficult, but I genuinely don’t crave meat or cheese. And I feel happier like I’m contributing to making the world a less violent place.”

So what does the loving couple like to eat?ellen degeneres and portia


In an interview with Parade, Portia revealed that Ellen’s favorite vegan dish is red beans and rice, “We [de Rossi and Ellen] go to our farm, light a fire in our cabin, and cook together. Ellen’s favorite dish is red beans and rice, so we make that a lot. Any night on our farm is lovely.”


On the Rachael Ray show, Ellen and Portia said that they also enjoy pizza without cheese (which they didn’t, at the time, know was equally as delicious) Roberto Martin, their personal chef, cooks a variety of tasty vegan meals for the couple. On Today, he was featured and talked about the dishes that he crafts up, and makes all the food that they love vegan.

For example, he cooked a plant-based fried chicken dish with creamy alfredo sauce and a crispy batter.


Portia also shared a morning favorite in an interview, “I make a shake with mango, kale and almond milk. Kale is one of the best things you can eat, but I find it difficult to get my daily dose in any other way. Plus I’m told that blended kale absorbs faster than kale you have to chew. Actually, the shake is the second thing I drink. The first is a huge soy latte with agave nectar. I may be healthier since I’ve become vegan, but I still need caffeine!”

Ellen also enjoys a fresh garden burger, banana oatmeal pancakes, tofu dishes, and a remastered avocado Reuben sandwich, which her personal chef created for her.


Although Ellen had to incorporate one animal product back into her diet, as told by medical professionals, the couple still eat a 90% plant-based diet. And that’s all we can ask for.

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Mango and Hemp Seed Smoothie

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