While you may know Alicia Silverstone from her acting career (“Clueless” is a timeless classic that we could never forget – as if!) she is also a well-known vegan and activist for the plant-based lifestyle. With two guidebooks published, “The Kind Diet” and “The Kind Mama“, and a flourishing website dedicated to health and sustainable living and full of information and resources, Alicia Silverstone is a strong presence in the world of eco-friendly voices.

Silverstone credits her youthful appearance and improved health and happiness to her vegan diet, discussing how she feels less puffy and sees a glow in her skin in an interview with The Washington Post. Want to look as good at 41 as she does? Check out this guide on how to eat vegan like Alicia Silverstone to feel as healthy and happy as the star!


So, what does the “Clueless” star like to eat?


Generally, Silverstone tries to eat good whole foods that give her balanced nutrition and make her body feel good. In an interview with Food & Wine, she discusses the advances in vegan food that have led to things like bleeding vegan burgers, stating that she thinks “it’s great that people are coming out with alternatives to animal products–there are so many amazing ones! I love things like Heidi Ho Chevre, Field Roast Sausages, Vegenaise, and Earth Balance Butter—which are mind-blowingly yum—but I personally like to keep my diet as close to the earth as possible. So while these options are tasty—and so much better than animal foods—they are not part of my regular diet.”

Looking to eat foods that are close to earth, like the actress? Try some of these whole food recipes, like this Summer Kitchari Bowl, 10-Minute Raw Curry Zoodles, or Roasted Purple Cauliflower with Kale Pesto. Silverstone also says that her vegan diet led her to no longer need caffeine for energy, so try this Caffeine-Free Pink Latte.

What does the actress always have on hand?

Silverstone’s staple foods are quality ingredients to make her feel nourished. As you can see on her instagram, she has a garden where she grows things like this fresh basil. Additionally, she says that things she always has in her fridge or pantry are “brown rice, dried beans, toasted nori sheets, miso paste, umeboshi plums, ume vinegar, lemons, 18-year aged balsamic vinegar, flax oil, olive oil, tahini butter, mochi, and scallions.” The recipes on her website use nutrient-rich ingredients such as these to create beautiful and delicious meals.


If you want to grow things in your own garden like the vegan star, you can then use them with these 10 Foods That Pair Well With Basil! Try out some of her other staple ingredients to eat like her, such as this Brown Rice Jambalaya, Brazilian Style Black Beans, or Vegetable Miso Soup!

If you stick to the basic principles of Silverstone’s vegan diet of whole nutritious foods from sustainable sources, you just may feel and look as good at 41 as the actress does. There is no doubt that she is happy with her life and her commitment to the plant-based lifestyle, even after facing some backlash for the scientific claims in her book and her choices to feed her son a vegan diet, which she discusses in an interview with Daily Mail, saying “I feel very passionate and content with every choice I’ve made as a mom and as an activist. Anyone who has issues with it can have them; it doesn’t affect me.”

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