For plant-based eaters, the Happiest Place on Earth just got a little happier.

Two months ago, animal rights foundation PETA named Disneyland as the country’s most vegan friendly amusement park. Now, the California theme park has created a specially designed vegan pamphlet, which serves as a guide to all the vegan and vegetarian options the park has to offer, as well as which items to watch out for. The guide also indicates how long a guest can be expected to stay at each restaurant, so you’ll know whether your meal is going to be quick service (QSR) or table service (TSR) and if the dishes are available for breakfast (B), lunch (L), or dinner (D).


Now, park goers will be able to find their Impossible Burgers with ease, not to mention the other 75 vegan and vegetarian meal options to choose from. The guide also lists every ingredient, making it ideal for people with allergies or gluten intolerance.

To say that Disneyland is an ideal place for animal lovers is still not quite accurate. The park still uses horse-drawn carriages and serves nearly ten million hamburgers and eight million hot dogs every year. Still, it’s a gigantic leap forward. The visibility of plant-based eating to young park goers ensures the next generation will be in the know, and asking questions.

Amusement Park Food on Your Table! 

If you love the fried crunch of amusement park food, but can’t make the trip to Disneyland at the moment, here are three delicious amusement park food recipes, courtesy of the Food Monster App.

Tofu Vegetable Kebabs with Peanut Sauce


Source: Tofu Vegetable Kebabs


If you’re not yet a fan of tofu, Cathy Elton‘s Tofu Vegetable Kebabs will change your mind. With its smoky peanut sauce, this will be your new summer grilling favorite.

Buttery Pretzels Vegan Buttery Pretzels with salty topping

Source: Buttery Pretzels

This is the perfect recipe to make with your friends, or in the kids birthday party! Namita Tiwari‘s Buttery Pretzels are fun and easy to make, as they contain few ingredients, and most of them you can get at any convenience store! Make these, and your home will be filled with a delicious smell of baked goods. They are perfectly paired with dairy-free cream and a soup if you want a full meal.

Chipotle Cauliflower Buffalo Bites and Raw Cashew Ranch Dip

chipotle cauliflower

Source: Chipotle Cauliflower Buffalo Bites and Raw Cashew Ranch Dip


Cheesy burger spreads, pizza crust, oven-roasted steaks, and now buffalo wings, it’s safe to say that with cauliflower, you can do it all. Cauliflower is a favorite ingredient to use because it is so versatile and has a power punch of nutrition. This recipe for Chipotle Cauliflower Buffalo Bites and Raw Cashew Ranch Dip by Jasmine Briones is a spicy and delicious snack perfect for any occasion.

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