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After a long day of holiday cheer, there’s nothing quite like sitting down to dive into your food. Shepherd’s Pie is a traditional dish indigenous to the UK usually consisting of some kind of meat. However, with the help of the Food Monster App, we found 15 plant-based shepherd’s pies for you to enjoy this holiday season!

1. Shepherd’s Pie
vegan shepherd's pie

The classic Shepherd’s Pie; a nice hearty dish. Meat eaters will appreciate the substance of this vegan take on shepherd’s pie. The portobello mushrooms give it a meaty texture that satisfies both meat eaters and vegans alike.

2. Lentil and Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie
vegan lentil and mushroom shepherds pie

There are no words to describe Lentil and Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie, other than as a deep dish of absolute comfort. It’s a bit of a project, but not difficult, and definitely worth it for a special occasion meal.

3. Shepherd’s Pot Pie With Tofu
vegan shepherd's pot pie with tofu

This Shepherd’s Pot Pie With Tofu is a real “meat and potatoes” kind of dish. It’s hearty and filling and delicious. Enjoy!

4. Shepherdess Pie
vegan shepherdess pie

This Shepherdess Pie is phenomenal. The filling for this hearty meal is made from savory lentils, tender peas, and perfectly cooked carrots, then it’s topped with a creamy mixture of mashed sweet potatoes, garlic, and vegan cream cheese. This is a great meal to make for a big group.

5. Portobello Lentil Shepherd’s Pie
vegan portobello lentil shepherds pie gluten free

Everyone needs a go-to recipe for shepherd’s pie and this one is a must-try. This hearty, savory Portobello Lentil Shepherd’s Pie has a delicious filling of French lentils, sautéed mushrooms, and vegetables in a red wine gravy. Topped with creamy mashed potatoes, it’s the ultimate plant-based comfort food.

6. Lentil Shepherd’s Pie
vegan Lentil Shepherd's Pie

This Lentil Shepherd’s Pie is a comfort food sure to please even the pickiest of eaters, plant-based or not! Traditional shepherd’s pie is made with ground beef, but with this version you’ll get the benefit of eating legumes filled with potassium, calcium, zinc, dietary fiber, lean protein, and plenty of other good stuff. The mashed potato crust is infused with garlic and makes the dish a cozy treat.

7. Pastel de Choclo: Chilean Shepherd’s Pie
vegan chilean shepherd's pie

Simply put, this is a Chilean Shepherd’s Pie very similar to Shepherd’s Pie. Typically, this dish has big juicy chunks of beef, but we find eggplant is the best substitute as it doesn’t have much flavor of its own and carries all the flavors of the dish while still retaining its shape. This is fantastic served with a green salad dressed with our lemon and cumin vinaigrette.

8. Tempeh Shepherd’s Pie
vegan Tempeh Lentil Shepherd's Pie

Tempeh Shepherd’s Pie is the perfect autumn meal made vegan and topped with your traditional mashed potatoes.

9. Mushroom and Celeriac Shepherd’s Pie
vegan mushroom and celeriac shepherd's pie

This Mushroom and Celeriac Shepherd’s Pie is a simple-to-make comfort dish that is sure to please this fall. Celeriac, which takes the place of potatoes in the filling, is really nutritious-it’s high in dietary fiber and protein as well as many crucial vitamins and minerals.

10. Black Bean and Vegetable Cottage Pie With Cauliflower Mash
vegan black bean and vegetable cottage pie with cauliflower mash

There’s little that is more comforting than pie topped with mashed potatoes. This Black Bean and Vegetable Cottage Pie With Cauliflower Mash is packed with black beans and veggies like carrots, cabbage, and spinach that have been cooked in a savory sauce with caramelized onions. The finished dish is packed with protein that has a wonderful fresh taste and is absolutely heavenly.

11. ‘Fish’ Pie With Tofu and Oyster Mushrooms
vegan fish pie with tofu and oyster mushrooms

Oysters and tofu give this classic British dish an awesome texture, perfect for the holidays! Try this ‘Fish’ Pie With Tofu and Oyster Mushrooms at your next dinner party.

12. Vegetable and Lentil Shepherd’s Pie
vegan vegetable and lentil shepherd's pie

These beautiful Vegetable and Lentil Shepherd’s Pies are served in cute dishes! Hearty and satisfying, and conveniently packed? We’re sold.

13. Pumpkin Shepherd’s Pie
vegan pumpkin shepherd's pie

Comfort foods and pumpkins are a match made in heaven. This delicious Pumpkin Shepherd’s Pie is packed with a spicy chickpea tomato filling and then covered with a layer of creamy pumpkin purée. It is the best food to warm you up on a cold windy and rainy day when the salad is no longer an option. Even though the ingredients list is quite a long, this recipe is super simple and easy to make.

14. Lentil and Vegetable Mini Shepherd’s Pie
vegan lentil and vegetable mini shepherd's pie

A classic comforting meal for the couple of chilly months ahead. These Lentil and Vegetable Mini Shepherd’s Pies are very hearty and keeps you full for long. Serve with a boatload of boiled peas.

15. Mushroom Lentil Shepherd’s Pie
vegan mushroom lentil shepherds pie

Potatoes, mushrooms, lentils, vegan cheese shreds, spinach, and bread crumbs all layered up in one delicious dish – that is the beauty of this Mushroom Lentil Shepherd’s Pie. This warm and cozy bake is everything you want in a comfort meal. It’s hearty, filling, and healthy. Since this pie is basically a casserole, simply double or triple the recipe if you want to feed a large group.
Shepherd’s Pie is just one of the many awesome comfort foods that shines this season. We have plenty of comfort food here! The Food Monster App is filled with all kinds of recipes. Whatever you’re looking for, I’m sure you’ll find it in the 10,000 recipe database. It’s available for both Android and iPhone, and can also be found on Instagram and Facebook. Full of allergy-friendly recipes, subscribers gain access to new recipes every day. Get cozy, get warm, and get to eating.

Lead image source: Mushroom and Celeriac Shepherd’s Pie

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