It’s only getting easier to ditch dairy with all the new non-dairy products constantly launching from vegan queso dips to oat milk and sesame milk. There are plenty of plant-based yogurts out there, but they only make up 2% of the yogurt market. However, in September 2018, it was found that plant-based yogurt sales grew 54% over 12 months. Chobani, the company known for making Greek yogurt as famous as it now is, will be joining the plant-based market with their new line of non-dairy products!

Chobani non-dairy vanilla

Source: Chobani


The non-dairy products are made with a coconut cream base for that thick texture that is usually found in Greek yogurts. However, they made it clear that they aren’t trying to replicate the taste of their dairy products. They want the non-dairy products to be delicious as their own unique product. They also want to be clear about what these products are. They are not labeling them as yogurt or using the word milk. They want to be ahead of the game in case the debate over vegan food labels eventually results in vegan products being forbidden from using certain words (such as milk and meat) on packaging.

Chobani non-dairy vanilla chai drink

The non-dairy Chobani products are available in yogurt cups or bottled drinks. The cup flavors are blueberry, peach, slightly sweet plain, strawberry, and vanilla. The drink flavors are mango, slightly sweet plain, strawberry, and vanilla chai. Chobani describes their non-dairy line as, “A delicious, non-dairy coconut-based blend packed with probiotics and made with 25% less sugar than other non-dairy alternatives. It’s the perfect non-dairy choice, made the Chobani Way: with only natural ingredients and real fruit for a creamy texture and refreshing taste.”

The availability of new products like these are exciting because they encourage more people to ditch dairy! For information on why you should consider ditching dairy, check out 10 Great Reasons to Ditch Dairy, The Shocking Truth About Dairy and the Environment, and Why Non-Dairy Milk Beats Dairy Every Time.

Make Your Own Vegan Yogurt

Are you excited about so many non-dairy and plant-based alternatives, but would still rather make your own? Try these recipes from our Food Monster App:


1. Homemade Tangy Soy Yogurt

Homemade vegan soy yogurt

Source: Homemade Tangy Soy Yogurt

There are many reasons to choose non-dairy yogurt over the dairy version. Alenoosh Matakupan‘s Soy Yogurt recipe is so amazing that you will find it hard to believe that it is not real dairy! It is perfectly tangy, creamy, and thick.


2. Homemade Probiotic Cashew Yogurt

homemade cashew yogurt

Source: Homemade Probiotic Cashew Yogurt

Try Sarah Pether‘s Homemade Probiotic Cashew Yogurt recipe. After you blend the cashews you MUST use glass and wood utensils and bowls! No more metal! Metal will kill the nice friendly bacteria that are going to make the yogurt.


3. Cashew Almond Yogurt

Homemade cashew almond yogurt

Source: Cashew Almond Yogurt

This Cashew Almond Yogurt by Magdalenda Pienkos is phenomenally creamy and made without an ounce of dairy! It starts by soaking raw cashews and almonds together overnight. Then, they’re blended together until creamy with dates for natural sweetness, coconut milk, a pinch of cinnamon, and lemon juice for that “tangy” flavor. Serve this with homemade granola, muesli, and fresh and dried fruit.

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Lead Image Source: Chobani