Chilled soups are nice and refreshing in the warmer months, and super healthy. A cold soup may seem unusual to some people but they’re actually an opportunity to pack in some serious nutrients all while cooling you off!

Stay cool this summer while we teach you how to make the most delicious and nutritious soup for everyone at the table. Whether you like your soup extra creamy, tangy or super hearty, we have the ingredient recommendations for you!


Take a look at how our bloggers from the Food Monster App make their chilled soups healthy and delicious!

1. Add in Protein For CreaminessChilled Avocado and Pea Soup

Chilled Avocado and Pea Soup/ One Green Planet

You would think that making a creamy chilled soup would be difficult but it’s actually super simple, just think of plant-based protein sources like tofu, peas, beans, and cashews. They are all capable of adding a creamy texture and lots of nutrients!

Lisa Lotts showed us how to add in half a pound of silken tofu for some added creaminess and a whole lot of protein!This way you’ll be satiated and satisfied for hours! Check out her Chilled Cucumber Soup for more ideas.


Lindsay Cotter took her Chilled Avocado and Pea Soup to new levels of creaminess with the addition of the protein-packed peas and the avocado. To add in a bit more cheesy, creamy flavor, try cashews.

Julia Papanek showed us how to add in cashews to make a fantastic, creamy chilled soup with her Cream of Cashew Broccoli Soup recipe!

2. Pair the Right Herbs and Fruits for Tanginess

Chilled Zucchini, Orange, and Basil Soup/ One Green Planet

Amie Valpone showed us that adding in fruit is just a way to get some serious, raw tanginess. In her Minty Zucchini and Strawberry Chilled Soup, she adds in strawberries to offset the cooling mint and zucchini flavors. Combined with some tomatoes it really does the trick!


Phillips Ertl used fruit in a similar way in his Chilled Zucchini, Orange, and Basil Soup. The striking orange flavors combine with the basil for a strong, bold flavor that is also super refreshing.

Amie McGee used cinnamon, blackberries, and watermelon in her Chilled Sweet Corn Soup for an extra kick in her soup. This recipe is perfect as a palate cleanser as it is fresh, tangy, and low in calories.

3. Add a Root Veggie for HeartinessLithuanian Beet Gazpacho

Lithuanian Beet Gazpacho/ One Green Planet

For some extra satiation and heartiness, add in a cooked root vegetable. For extra heartiness, leave the veggie chunky, or puree for a silky smooth soup!


Marquis Matson @realrawkitchen showed us how to make a hearty and tangy soup by combining butternut squash and mango! Her Mango Butternut Squash Soup recipe is super simple and satisfying!

Lilia Jankowska showed us how to make a vibrant and hearty Lithuanian Beet Gazpacho  for the perfect summer meal. Adding in beets, squash, potato, etc can add so much depth and hearty texture to your refreshing soup!

Chilled Cucumber Soup/ One Green Planet

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Lead image source: Carrot Avocado Ginger Soup