Savory, filling and comforting little bites of deliciousness – who is hungry for dumplings right now? These versatile creations are found in the cuisine of many different cultures in all different forms, and they’re tasty no matter how you make them! Check out these 15 delicious recipes from our Food Monster App and find your favorite way to eat dumplings!

1. New Year’s Dumplings

Image Source: New Year’s Dumplings


Celebrate the start of the Chinese New Year with these delicious dumplings! These New Year’s Dumplings from The Plantiful Plate by Christine Wong are packed with veggies and tofu, and are a fantastic pair with ginger or chili sauces which are included in this recipe!

2. Cranberry Bread Dumplings With Red Wine Mushroom Sauce

Cranberry Bread Dumplings With Mushroom Sauce b

Image Source: Cranberry Bread Dumplings With Red Wine Mushroom Sauce

Bread dumplings are a dish that every Austrian knows from dinners at grandma’s house. Traditionally made with eggs, these are held together with ground flax seeds. Fresh cranberries, parsley, and chopped almonds not only make these Cranberry Bread Dumplings With Red Wine Mushroom Sauce from Melina Kutelas festive and pretty to look at, they also taste amazing. Served alongside a red wine mushroom sauce, the two go together like no other!

3. Edamame Potsticker

Edamame Potsticker

Image Source: Edamame Postickers


If you’re looking to explore the world of effortless potstickers, colorful foods, or simply want to wow your friends, try these. These Edamame Postickers from Gabrielle St. Claire are filled with a creamy edamame filling flavored with scallions and miso, giving them a tangy, umami, springy flavor. The wrappers get their pretty pink color from defrosted dragonfruit, making them as good to look at as they are to devour.

4. Orange Dumplings with Halva Sauce

Orange Dumplings with Halva Sauce

Image Source: Orange Dumplings With Halva Sauce

These Orange Dumplings With Halva Sauce from Magdalena Pienkos are double orange, because of the color and taste. The secret ingredient is fresh, grated orange peel, which gives the dish a very joyful flavor. The taste is complemented by a creamy sauce of sesame halva. Millet groats, chickpea flour and sweet potatoes make this a filling and delicious recipe!

5. Tofu Gyoza

Image Source: Tofu Gyoza


This Tofu Gyoza from Lan Pham Wilson is so delicious and easy to make! You can dip them in hot sauce or soy sauce or just have them plain. They make a great appetizer or even meal if you eat enough of them, which you won’t have a problem doing!

6. Lentil Dumplings: Savory Indian Donuts

Image Source: Lentil Dumplings: Savory Indian Donuts


These Lentil Dumplings: Savory Indian Donuts from Anupa Joseph are a delicious and satisfying Indian dish, infused with aromatic spices and tons of flavor. Adding the rice flour to the mixture helps to make them crispy.

7. Wild Rice and Tofu Dumplings With Spicy Glass Noodle Salad

Image Source: Wild Rice and Tofu Dumplings With Spicy Glass Noodle Salad

These Wild Rice and Tofu Dumplings With Spicy Glass Noodle Salad from Travis Piper can be whipped up with minimal ingredients thanks to the simple and flexible recipe. The vegetables used in the filling can be swapped out for whatever you like and the spice level of the sauce is customizable! Serve your dumplings alongside this glass noodle salad that can be made in only a few minutes. Use the sauce from the dumplings along with a couple other veggies and seasonings to make a salad that is complementary to the dumplings but also can be enjoyed on its own.

8. Fellah Köftesi: Turkish Bulgur Dumplings

Turkish Bulgur Dumplings With Tomato Sauce

Image Source: Fellah Köftesi: Turkish Bulgur Dumplings


Are you looking for a cheap, simple, and tasty dish? Then, Fellah Köftesi: Turkish Bulgur Dumplings from Deniz Kilic could be just the thing for you. The preparation is very easy and the results are hearty, flavorful dumplings served in an aromatic tomato sauce. Sprinkle fresh parsley on top and a dollop of dairy-free yogurt, if desired.

9. Ratatouille Gyoza

Ratatouille Gyoza

Image Source: Ratatouille Gyoza

When Japan meets Provence, France, these Ratatouille Gyoza are what happens. Gyoza are pan-fried or steamed Japanese dumplings typically filled with meat. But in this fusion recipe from Edelweiss and Lorelei, they’re stuffed with an herby ratatouille-inspired tomato sauce with creamy cashew cheese. The perfect appetizer to wow your guests!

10. Manti: Turkish Dumplings With Yogurt and Paprika Sauce

Image Source: Manti: Turkish Dumplings With Yogurt and Paprika Sauce

Manti are delicious Turkish pastries with potato and chard stuffing that feel like a silky dream in your mouth for you and your guests. These are sort of like mini pierogis with a different filling and more spices! YUM. This Manti: Turkish Dumplings With Yogurt and Paprika Sauce recipe from Deniz Kilic can be prepared either with regular or gluten-free flour. If you’re looking for a new recipe to add to your dinner plans, this is a definite yes.

11. Roasted Tofu and Grilled Seitan Dumplings

Image Source: Roasted Tofu and Grilled Seitan Dumplings

Tofu AND seitan dumplings?! A little out there, we know. Mixing the two kings of the vegan protein world into tight little packages of perfection is one of the best culinary discoveries. Add in some sautéed, minced bell peppers, white onion, tons of garlic, and scallions and you’ve got something truly transcendent. Make as many of these Roasted Tofu and Grilled Seitan Dumplings from Travis Piper as your heart desires because you will never regret having made too many dumplings.

12. Pumpkin Dumplings With Leek Sauce

Vegan Gluten-Free Pumpkin Dumplings with Leek Sauce on leaves with garnish

Image Source: Pumpkin Dumplings With Leek Sauce

These adorable Pumpkin Dumplings With Leek Sauce from Valentina Chiappa are made with pumpkin and chestnut flour for a unique, nutty dish. The strong flavor of the leeks are balanced with the rich, mellowness of the sage. This makes for a wonderful and impressive dinner party meal.

13. ‘Not Pork’ Mushroom Potstickers

Image Source: ‘Not Pork’ Mushroom Potstickers

It’s never polite to choose favorites so let’s just say that dumplings are almost always on our tops list of things to snack on and these ‘Not Pork’ Mushroom Potstickers from Melina Kutelas are a perfect example of why these bite-sized morsels are so darn good. The thin dough is stuffed with a savory blend of marinated mushrooms and herb and then fried and steamed to plump perfection.

4. Dumplings With Black Cabbage

Dumplings With Black Cabbage [Vegan]

Image Source: Dumplings With Black Cabbage

Good and easy to prepare, you can use different vegetable to change these up! These Dumplings With Black Cabbage from Simona Malerba could be called a “surprise” dish, in the sense that depending on the bread you use and the vegetables, they will be different each time. One thing that makes the dish very good is the addition of a little light soy sauce (the light, less salty) to the broth. Try!

15. Veggie Gyoza

Image Source: Veggie Gyoza

Mushrooms, carrots, sprouts and cabbage feature in the filling so although these Veggie Gyoza from Harriet Porterfield look like a treat, you’ll benefit from a whole heap of veggies if you try this recipe! The wrappers are crispy and light, just like those gyozas you eat at your fave Chinese or Japanese restaurant. You can make a big batch of the wrappers ahead of time and freeze for speedy dinners.

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