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Pot pies are so awesome because it’s a bunch of flavorful ingredients in one pie. You can place it in the middle of the table and everyone can dig in equally! These pot pies from our Food Monster App are perfect for the holiday season!

1. Chickpea Pot Pie

Chickpea Pot Pie

Source: Chickpea Pot Pie

A warm, flaky, comforting classic Chickpea Pot Pie by Dawn Hutchins from Florida Coastal Cooking & Wellness, that just so happens to be plant-based! This pot pie will be the star of your table this season. Just make sure you get a slice before it’s all gone!

2. Thick and Creamy Veggie-Filled Cornbread Pot Pies

Cornbread Pot Pies

Source: Cornbread Pot Pies

Pot pies and cornbread. Two all-time favorite comfort foods just became BFFs. Can you even imagine? That thick and creamy veggie filling is sure to send herby fall aromas all throughout your house. When the cornbread starts to rise and turns golden brown, it’s a magical moment. Break through that crispy crust with a spoon to get the perfect filling-to-crust ratio. These Cornbread Pot Pies by Jordan and Clark Cord are beyond easy to make! The sauce takes 10 minutes and you can use boxed cornbread to speed things up. They’re the perfect savory and hearty fall comfort food.

3. Deconstructed Mushroom Lentil Pot Pie With Biscuits

Deconstructed Mushroom Vegan Pot-Pie

 Source: Deconstructed Mushroom Vegan Pot-Pie

This Deconstructed Mushroom Vegan Pot-Pie by Courtney Klumper is savory, filling, and packed with protein. Serve this up on a chilly evening and you’ll forget this meaty casserole was ever meat-free!

4. Vegetable Pot Pie With Dill-Mustard Sauce Vegetable Pot Pie with Dill Mustard Sauce

Source: Vegetable Pot Pie with Dill Mustard Sauce

If you’re tight on time, this warm vegetable dish is easy as pie! Most of the ingredients are things you probably already have on hand. You could use really any vegetables you like in this pie, or even add tofu or soybeans. This Vegetable Pot Pie with Dill Mustard Sauce by Deena Mehta is incredible.

5.  Jackfruit Pot Pie 
Jackfruit Pot Pie

Source: Jackfruit Pot Pie

We’ve got the plant-based pot pie of your dreams right here! If you’re craving a creamy, warm jackfruit and veggie filling encased in a delicate puff pastry crust, you must make this Jackfruit Pot Pie recipe by Sarah Pether. Your stomach will be so incredibly happy.

6.  Festive Creamy and Crunchy Onion Potato Pot Pies

Creamy and Crunchy Onion Potato Pot Pies

Source: Creamy and Crunchy Onion Potato Pot Pies

They’re festive. They’re creamy. They’re crispy. They’re perfectly imperfect. Christmas is about good food, family and enjoying each others company, so make sure you’re feeding to please your guests and not feeling restricted to this exact recipe! These Creamy and Crunchy Onion Potato Pot Pies by Maria Koutsogiannis rather easy to make and are filled with flavor, character and aroma.

7. Seafood Pot Pie

Seafood Pot Pie

Source: Seafood Pot Pie

Why have “chicken” pot pie when there are so many other proteins out there? Flaky pie crust, sweet potatoes, leeks, and peas paired with fishless fillets, Old Bay Seasoning, and kelp powder. Serve with a great big salad or whatever sides you like. This Seafood Pot Pie by Tara Binder is awesome!

8. Mini Pot Pies with Black Lentil, Fennel and Thyme

Mini Pot Pies with Black Lentils, Fennel and Thyme

 Source: Mini Pot Pies with Black Lentils, Fennel and Thyme

These pot pies are exactly as they sound; a blend of vegetables including fennel, celery, carrots, and potatoes with lentils and herby thyme – it’s a hearty and comforting veg-packed dish that’s healthy too. This classic dish was made healthier by reducing the amount of pie crust needed and baking the meal into adorable, portion-controlled dishes! So you can feel guilt-free about succumbing to your yearning for pie. These Mini Pot Pies with Black Lentils, Fennel and Thyme by Hannah Sunderani are so good!

9. Raw Pot Pie

Raw Pot Pie

Source: Raw Pot Pie

This fresh and flavorful Raw Pot Pie by Amanda Nicole Smith is made with root vegetables, herbaceous gravy, and a gluten-free buckwheat crust. This gravy is super flavorful and can be made with any spices and herbs you prefer. Depending on the tools you have on hand, it can be prepared completely raw, semi-cooked, or fully cooked. This unique take on pot pie is sure to capture the hearts of your family!

10. Indian Sweet Potato and Spinach Pie

Sweet Potato and Spinach Pie

 Source: Sweet Potato and Spinach Pie

Ready for some wholesome Indian comfort food? This Sweet Potato and Spinach Pie by Annabelle Randles is flaky and fragranced with a delicious spice blend. Serve it with raita, an herby yogurt dip that pairs perfectly with the warm flavors of this dish.

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Learn How to Cook Plant-Based Meals at Home

Reducing your meat intake and eating more plant-based foods is known to help with chronic inflammation, heart health, mental wellbeing, fitness goals, nutritional needs, allergies, gut health, and more! Unfortunately, dairy consumption also has been linked to many health problems, including acne, hormonal imbalance, cancer, prostate cancer, and has many side effects

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