Sure, it’s nice to dine with a knife and fork. Maybe even sip a glass of organic red wine. But, sometimes, you just want to let your etiquette go and be free from the confines of adult dining. Your inner child is begging for some mac and cheese, a big ole’ cheeseburger, or maybe some chocolate — chocolate on everything.

And it’s alright to give in sometimes. There’s something comforting about favorite childhood foods. It’s quite nostalgic. You might remember the times you got to help Grandma bake some chocolate chip cookies or the time you savored your ice cream far too long on a summer’s day and it melted all over your shirt. Whatever your favorite childhood memories are, rekindle them with these childhood favorites made vegan.

Yes, your palette may have  changed and you’re more health conscious than ever, but don’t forget the child you once were. These are your typical childhood foods with a twist. They are all vegan and healthier for you than the classics you ate as a child. So, go all out and make some when you’re looking for a different take on lunch and dinner. Chocolate for breakfast, anyone? There’s no better way to cure homesickness than with a comforting bowl of tomato soup and a side of grilled cheese. Here are 10 of your childhood favorites made vegan:

1. Southwestern Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This vegan grilled cheese is not your average sandwich. Loaded with salsa-infused beans, grilled sweet potato, and vegan jalapeño cheese, this Southwestern Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwich kicks the childhood favorite up a notch.


2. Quick and Rich Tomato Soup

This isn’t the out-of-a-can kind of soup. This Quick and Rich Tomato Soup is fast and easy to make, without the processed, added ingredients in canned soup. Nothing bland about this hot soup!

Tomato Soup

3. Extra Creamy Vegan Mac and Cheese

This stuff is not the mac and cheese from the all too familiar blue box, made with some powdered yellow stuff. It’s the real deal — veganized!

Mac and Cheese

4. Perfect Vegan ‘Tollhouse’ Cookies

These cookies have the perfect amount of chewy, soft, and not-too-sweet down. People won’t even know it’s vegan. These are essentially like ‘Tollhouse’ cookies, only healthier!


5. Raw Almond Chunky Monkey Ice Cream

Here’s a delicious, healthy snack for the kid in you. Chunky Monkey Ice Cream made from frozen bananas! It’s raw vegan and darn good.


6. The World’s Healthiest Vanilla Milkshake

This vegan milkshake, made for two, contains only 60 calories per serving! You can chug this down guilt-free.


7. Gluten-Free Vegan Chicken

This Gluten-Free Vegan Chicken can be the base of your homemade “chicken” nuggets. No animals harmed!


8. Vegan Mozzarella Sticks

Ooey, gooey vegan cheese served with marinara sauce. Enough said.

Mozzarella Sticks

9. Holy Three Cheese Pizza

Cheesy goodness — three kinds — all on top of an oven-baked pizza. It’s like your childhood birthday party all over again.


10. Raw Vegan Chocolate and Peanut Butter Fudge

Lastly, but surely not least, we can’t forget chocolate fudge! This fudge is raw and a lot healthier for you. So, go ahead and indulge.


Lead Image Source: Perfect Vegan ‘Tollhouse’ Cookies