Extreme weather events in 2021 have shattered records across the globe for containing the most climate change-related weather events.

With killer heatwaves, extreme droughts, and tornadoes, and hurricanes, this year has been a game-changer in terms of climate change, indicating that we are indeed in the middle of an extreme climate crisis.

Scientists also warn that this is just the beginning and that these weather events are just going to get worse. More extreme cases of climate change-induced weather are to be expected in the coming years.

Though scientists cannot completely conclude whether or not climate change can cause such extreme cases of weather, it is strongly suspected. This is especially true after the planet has experienced so many other climate change-induced events.

This year saw Texas dipped into an icy cold weather phenomenon, while Kenya experienced a severe plague of locusts. Everywhere, severe and sudden cases of changing weather, wildfires, droughts, and infestations occurred, plunging many areas into a state of emergency.

It is expected that this will only continue to get worse as climate change only gets worse. Earth is under a significant strain from pollution and other man-made problems that have gone unaddressed. There has never been a more urgent call for change as the earth is struggling to survive the current climate crisis.

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