Extreme weather conditions and natural disasters can have adverse effects on humans and animals alike. Sometimes changes in weather can cause wild animals to come into contact with humans as they look for scarce food or water resources. This is just what happened in the Kaiga township in Southern India when a twelve-foot king cobra slithered its way into the village.

Some parts of Southern India have been experiencing drought, which is the presumed reason this typically non-confrontational snake entered the village. Thankfully, kind animal rescuers realized why this regal reptile was there, and, taking the proper precautions, they offered him a long cool drink of water from a bottle. Much to everyone’s surprise, the cobra happily and gently drank from the bottle! He is now at the rescue facility getting the hydration and care he needs.

It is amazing to witness such gentle behavior from an animal who is typically feared and considered dangerous. While this video shows all creatures can be capable of peaceful coexistence, we advise you to never approach wild animals on your own. If you see an animal you believe is in danger, please contact appropriate professionals to address the issue.