With the winter comes cold weather and the need to take special precautions for pets. Despite having been born with fur coats on, pets feel the cold the same as we do. In fact, every year, thousands of animals die because of exposure to freezing temperatures and snow. Because of their sensitive noses, paws and ears, animals too are subject to both frostbite and hypothermia, which is why they should be brought indoors in freezing weather. With this in mind, when this good-natured Imgur user happened upon a homeless pup lost in the cold, he wasted no time in offering the poor little lady a helping hand.

It was -20 degrees outside when this sweet girl was found wandering the streets, alone. She was shivering, and obviously hungry, so in a selfless act of kindness, this fellow picked her up and kept her warm inside of his jacket.

After she got a meal and some warm blankets to nestle up in, this pooped pup finally settled down for a nap.

This little girl’s love and trust of humans showed that she used to be someone’s pet, so he figured that someone would be looking for her. He posted an ad online and called the local shelter to see if anyone had called about her. No one called and no one replied to his ad, either.

When no one came forward to claim the pretty little pooch, the man decided to do the only thing that made sense. He kept her and one year later, he and his best buddy have no regrets.




This heartwarming story is just one example of what happens when we open our hearts to animals and all of the love that comes with them.

All image source: Imgur