It might seem impossible to believe that anyone could heartlessly abandon a loving animal who has been a part of their lives for a decade, but that is exactly what recently happened to a senior Pit Bull named Lexus in Kentucky. After her family remodeled their home, they reportedly decided that she “no longer fit in the picture.” Yes, we’re not kidding. Apparently, this family decided that their innocent dog was not too different from an old couch that needed to be dumped by the sidewalk because it didn’t match the new wooden flooring in the house.

Thanks to the heartless actions  of her owners, Lexus was sent to the Franklin County Humane Society shelter: a terrifying experience, for a lady who had been used to living in a home all her life.

Senior Dog Left Homeless After Her Family Remodeled Their House – Help Her Find the Loving Home She Deserves!



The unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells of shelter life are said to have left Lexus “confused and terrified,” and FCHS are now appealing to anyone who might be willing to take this beautiful girl into their home to contact them. She is a naturally laid back dog, excellent with children, and can live happily either as an only dog or as part of a small group.

The story of how Lexus was treated by those who were meant to care for her is truly tragic, but her rescuers are now hoping that she will soon find a family more worthy of her. To help her find that loving forever home, she deserves, share this post! FCHS may be contacted through their website or Facebook page.

Senior dogs are often ignored by people who visit shelters in the hope of adopting a puppy. However, despite the fact that they may not have as many years to live as a baby dog, they still have plenty of love to give. Their gentleness, loyalty, and calmer temperament. To learn more about caring for an older pooch, check out some of the posts below:

Image Source: Franklin County Humane Society/Facebook