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Weather disasters are not easy for anyone, human or animal. Recently, the folks in Baton Rouge, Louisiana endured some devastating floodwaters resulting in damage to their property, widespread evacuations, and some difficult situations in regards to farm animals and pets. Many Louisiana residents underestimated the severity of the flood and ended up having to abandon their companion animals to seek higher ground. Homeless animals were also left scrambling for shelter, and we can only assume that some stray families were separated in the flurry of it all.

Thankfully, despite all of the chaos, rescue organizations and even ordinary people, have stepped up to help both humans and animals. Recently, a woman, who goes by the name specklemuffins on Imgur, was on her way to work, found a group of kittens huddling for warmth under her car. It was pouring at the time so the kittens were soaking wet and crying.

Considering they were alone, the Imgur user was led to believe that the mama had abandoned her babies. She brought the trio inside and got them dried off with a towel. 

First, the Imgur user made a few calls to local animal shelters. Unfortunately, since it was beginning to flood, all of the shelters were overflowing. She had no choice but to bring the kittens along with her to work. 

But first, names! She decided on Darryl, Darryl, and Daisy. Confusing? A little. Adorable? Definitely. 

Although the shelters could not take the kittens in, they did relay some tips, like the fact that the kittens had to be bottle-fed every two hours. 

Thankfully, the Imgur user had plenty of coworkers who became enamored with the kitten, so they took turns feeding the little ones. Eventually, a kind volunteer from a shelter offered to foster the babies for a few weeks until they no longer need to be bottle fed.

The new foster mama won’t be taking care of them alone, though, she has some great babysitters lending a paw!

We wish these kittens nothing but the best! 


We commend the efforts of this kind woman. A lot of people would have seen these kittens as a burden, especially stumbling upon them on the way to work. Thankfully, this Imgur user knows that stray animals don’t have an easy life, especially in weather disasters like the floods in Louisiana. We hope that these kittens find a forever home real soon!

All image source: specklemuffins/Imgur