Eight tornadoes ripped through northern and central Illinois last Thursday, leaving behind enormous wreckage. Dozens of buildings were leveled, 22 people were injured and two were killed in the storm.

Geraldine Shultz was tragically killed by the tornados impact, leaving behind her husband Clem and their White German Shepherd, Missy. According to the Chicago Tribune, the Shultz’s home was in the direct path of the tornado and was completely destroyed. Clem managed to dig his way out of the rubble but was soon told that his wife had passed away.

Over the course of the storm, Missy had run away, but facing the loss of his wife and home, Clem was determined to find his dog –so the search for Missy began.


Over 900 volunteers responded to help clear rubble and restore the area affected by the storm, so there was no shortage of help for Clem on this mission. A Facebook page entitled “The Search for Missy” was shared widely and the Fairdale and Rochelle Pet Recovery team also posted about Missy to aid in her rescue.

After three days of relentless searching for Missy, this little pup was spotted in an open field by an electric utility worker. With this news, Clem’s grandson, Tyler Rowan, set out to bring Missy home.


Rowan tells FoxNews that when he found Missy, she was still in shock after the storm and ran for over 2.5 miles before he could catch up with her. But Rowan was not willing to give up and managed to get Missy into his car and bring her home where she belonged.


Since being reunited, Clem has not let Missy out of his sight for a minute. After losing so much, both Clem and Missy can take comfort in the fact that they still have one another.

Clem’s daughter, Sue has launched a GoFundMe campaign on behalf of her father and Missy. These two have a very long road to recovery ahead of them, but with the help of the local community and compassion of others from across the country, they can slowly begin to return to a normal life. To make a donation to the campaign, click here.