Meet Boris. This sweet little fella was found wandering the streets of Romania when he was only eight months old. Life on the streets can be tough for any animal, but it is particularly difficult for long haired breeds, like Boris, whose coat requires constant maintenance.

Although he was still just a puppy, by the time he was rescued from life on the streets, his coat was matted with filth and grime.

Boris was suffering from dehydration and malnutrition when he was rescued, so he needed to spend some time getting vet treatment before he could go to his new home.

When little Boris was feeling better, the rescue found him a forever home. Boris’ new family not only paid off the balance of his vet bills, but they also bought food for all of the other rescue dogs, as well. What a happy day!

Now that he had a new home, he needed to be shaved to remove all of that itchy, matted fur. Hey, there’s a dog hiding in there!

Without all his fur, poor Boris was prone to getting cold, so they wrapped him to up to keep him warm.

On Boris’ first day home, he was a bit nervous at first, but it didn’t take long before he started to relax and trust his human family.

What a sweet face to wake up to!

Soon, his silly personality began to show.

What a little mush!

With all the troubles of his past behind him, all he seems to be worrying about these days is mastering how to “sit” so he can get treats. What a good doggie!

The story of Boris the dog is a lucky one because he was able to get the help that he needed and find a forever home but many animals are not this lucky. If you would like to help a dog like Boris, pay a visit to your local animal shelter. Your new best friend might just be waiting!


 All image source: onehappyamazon/Imgur