Ania, the dog, was found alone, cold, and hungry on the streets of Romania. Thankfully, she was rescued by the kind people at Howl of a Dog animal rescue, and now she’s looking for a forever home!

The fact that Ania was rescued from life on the streets is truly amazing! Unfortunately, many other dogs in Romania do not get this chance. With a stray dog population of 64,000, Romania, just like the United States, faces a big pet homeless problem. Stray dogs in Romania are at risk of being killed simply for being strays, so we’re especially grateful that adorable Ania did not become another statistic.


The number of homeless dogs is daunting, but hope is not lost. Rescue groups, like the one that saved Ania, are dedicated to rehabilitating and finding forever homes for homeless pets, slowly but surely turning sad stories into happy endings!

We can all play a part in helping to reduce homeless animal populations by adopting and fostering animals in need.